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Grant's Newsletter (Bankless, NFTNYC, Bezos (again))

Happy Friday!
Here are three things I’ve been thinking about this week:

1. BanklessDAO Writers Genesis Cohort
Announcing a new cohort!
This cohort is the BanklessDAO Writers Genesis Cohort. Taptive is partnering with BanklessDAO to run a writing cohort just for BanklessDAO Members.
What is Bankless? From their Notion site:
We will help the world go Bankless by creating user-friendly onramps for people to discover decentralized financial technologies through education, media, and culture.
BanklessDAO has a thriving writing culture already, and we’re excited to support it with a Taptive-run cohort-based writing program.
Check out the landing page:
This week was NFTNYC. I went to two events: an Ed3 Educators event and a CityDAO Happy Hour.
One of the beauties of crypto is its ability to align the incentives of people who wouldn’t normally cooperate.
For example, ConstitutionDAO raised $47 million from random people on the internet to purchase a copy of the Constitution.
When bringing these people together from niche parts of the internet, “community” is important to their success.
I’ve seen this organically happen with many of the web3 communities I’ve interacted with - groups form from within the community to achieve specific tasks that forward the mission of the organization.
I believe that cohort-based programs can be another tool that these communities use to bring people together and achieve the goals of the organization.
The next phase of the internet isn't just bringing people online with code.

It's also organizing people online with content and community.

H/t @balajis
3. Bezos (again)
I’ve been going down a Bezos rabbit hole lately.
He gave a talk at Stanford in 2005, and it ages really well.
Bezos spent a significant amount of time talking about Amazon’s culture of experimentation.
He says that Amazon removed the barriers to experimentation so it didn’t take bureaucracy for employees to try new things.
Experiments are critical to finding the truth. You have to constantly test new ideas to see if there are better ways of doing things.
I’ve been trying to replicate this at Taptive. Every cohort we run, we’re running controlled experiments to see what leads to a better experience.
2005 Entrepreneurship Conference - Taking on the Challenge: Jeffrey Bezos, Amazon
2005 Entrepreneurship Conference - Taking on the Challenge: Jeffrey Bezos, Amazon
I brought on a part-time product manager to manage one specific task: experiments.

Our goal is to run 5 experiments a week on product, sales, monetization, positioning, etc.

Each week, we assess the results of the experiments, learnings, actions, and new experiments to run
Thank you for reading!
Have a great weekend and talk to you next week.
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