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Grant's Newsletter (Algorizin's IES, Stripe, Transcend)

Hope you had a great week.
Here are a few things I’m thinking about this week:

1. Launching Algorizin's Industry Exposure Series
Today starts the onboarding for Algorizin’s Industry Exposure Series. Taptive is partnering with Algorizin to run a cohort-based writing program for Algorizin students.
The program will be similar to the cohort-based programs we’ve run in the past. Read Siam Hossain’s (Founder of Algorizin) LinkedIn post about the program.
Siam Hossain on LinkedIn: #careerdevelopment #writing #jobhunt
2. Stripes Writing Culture
From creative writing to copywriting, writing comes in many forms. Through our writing cohorts, we’re helping people improve their “business writing.”
If you’re a working professional, it’s likely you spend significant time writing.
Companies like Stripe and Amazon use the power of clear writing to make their organizations master the art of effective communication.
Stripe and Amazon, for example, have a culture of narrative memos (rather than PowerPoints) to communicate.
Read more about Stripe’s writing culture:
How Stripe Built a Writing Culture - Knock Down Silos by Slab
3. Cloud ➡️ Earth
If you’ve been reading this newsletter (and earlier versions) I’ve been talking about the idea of organizing in the cloud first and meeting in person second.
Especially in education, this is a great way to organize people with similar, niche interests.
Last week, I had this experience firsthand. Transcend Network brought education founders together online from New York to London to Singapore. We built relationships online for months.
At ASU+GSV, we met in person.
I think this model only becomes more typical.
Transcend Network
✨Transcend Party at ASU+GSV Summit: A Recap✨

It's our first-ever party & in-person — such a special moment for a global virtual community like ours! 💖 🌏 🥳

As folks arrived, we asked, "What is the face you'd make when meeting someone for the first time after so long?" 👋
Thank you for reading!
Have a great weekend and talk to you next week.
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