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Grant's Newsletter (1729w, Power, ASU+GSV)

Hey everyone,
Greetings from the West Coast. I just finished attending the ASU+GSV Summit - more below!
Here are a few things I’m thinking about this week:

1. 1729 Writers Cohort #1 Complete
With Week 6 complete, we’ve now finished 1729 Writers Cohort #1. Matt Harder wrote a great summary of the experience.
We’ll be having a final meeting next week to wrap up the cohort and announce cohort champions.
1729 Writers Cohort 1 Recap. We produced over 60 papers in six… | by Matt Harder | Apr, 2022 | Medium
2. Power
I’ve been an avid fan of the Acquired Podcast for a few years now. Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal do a great job of analyzing tech companies.
They frequently reference the strategic framework outlined in Hamilton Helmer’s 7 Powers.
Hamilton Helmer writes that there are 7 Powers that give a business a competitive advantage:
  • scale economics
  • network economics
  • counter-positioning
  • switching costs
  • branding
  • cornered resource
  • process power
The Acquired Podcast recently had Hamilton Helmer on the show.
One major takeaway from the podcast: when building a successful company, product market fit is just the first challenge.
The second challenge is finding Power so that you can build a defensible business with long-term sustainable margins.
Ben Gilbert
This might be the densest interview we've ever done. I listened twice to absorb it all.

But @hamiltonhelmer and Chenyi are so smart, it's worth it!

The framing of power as a separate second "invention" after the first of product-market fit is clarifying.
I attended the ASU+GSV Summit in San Diego for the first time this week. It was an unforgettable experience, and I’m thankful for Transcend Network for helping me to navigate the conference.
My biggest takeaway from the conference: I’m bullish on the future of edtech. I met dozens of founders that were passionately (and successfully) building solutions to the biggest problems in education.
ASU+GSV Summit
Thank you for reading!
Have a great weekend and talk to you next week.
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