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Grant Gochnauer: Awesome Humans - Issue #61

“Awesome Humans” is a weekly curated newsletter highlighting content at the intersection of becoming

Grant Gochnauer: Awesome Humans

October 23 · Issue #61 · View online
Awesome Humans is about becoming the best you can be in a world of exponential change: Leadership, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Personal Growth, Health, Disruption, and the Future.

“Awesome Humans” is a weekly curated newsletter highlighting content at the intersection of becoming extraordinary individuals, building extraordinary teams, and the future.

Being an Awesome Human
The World's Happiest Man Wishes You Wouldn't Call Him That
When confronted with extreme opinions, extremists become more centrist
Smartphones are "contaminating" family life, study suggests
Being a Healthy Human
New antibiotic mined from human gut reverses drug resistance in superbugs
It Doesn't Matter When You Eat
How Giving Up Refined Sugar Changed My Brain
Human Builders
Comprehensive Product Marketing Guide for SaaS businesses
150 of the Best B2B Case Study Examples - The DocSend Blog
The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Small Optimizations
The Tyranny of Positivity Is Killing Your Company Culture
Steve BlankThe 11 Bad Habits Killing Innovation in Your Company
Clayton Christensen, the father of disruptive innovation theory, has a new theory about "jobs to be done"
Future Humans
Massive Disruption Is Coming With Quantum Computing
Computer Memory Could Speed up by 1000 Times Thanks to New Computing Breakthrough
Scientists Accidentally Discover Efficient Process to Turn CO2 Into Ethanol
Google's AI can now learn from its own memory independently
President Obama explains why you can’t run the U.S. like a startup
Scientific Breakthrough Increases Plant Yields By One Third
One More Thing
A sense of scale: the best microscopy of 2016
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