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Grant Gochnauer: Awesome Humans - Issue #200


Grant Gochnauer: Awesome Humans

September 27 · Issue #200 · View online

Awesome Humans is about becoming the best you can be in a world of exponential change: Leadership, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Personal Growth, Health, Disruption, and the Future.

Hello Awesome Humans Readers -
This will be our last issue since I’ve decided to take a break. I started this newsletter a few years ago as a way to share the content that I discover and I hope that you have gotten some value from the curation. It’s possible that I return to the newsletter in the future.
If you would like to stay in touch, you can find me on
Thank you and I hope you enjoy issue #200.

Awesome Human
Why Do Some People Love Reading?
Burnout Runs Deeper Than “Too Much Work”
Emotional Intelligence Is the Real Secret to Getting Promoted Faster
The Link Between Self Compassion and Peak Performance
Love is an Ongoing Practice
Healthy Human
Discover Supplement-Drug Interactions
Human Builders
A Taxonomy of Moats
Agile Team Health & Morale Checks
The Founder’s Guide to Markets
How to Do Strategic Planning Like a Futurist
Product vs. Feature Teams
Investors and Operators: Lessons I've Learned From Both Worlds by Brent Beshore
How Six Sigma's history set the stage for its demise
What’s the Point of a Primary Care Doctor?
Future Humans
The Next Energy-Efficient Architecture Revolution: A House Built By Robots
Uncovering how the body ages is leading to drugs to reverse it
CRISPR Gene-Editing Shows Promise As HIV Cure, Research Shows
BIOLIFE4D Becomes First U.S. Company to Successfully Demonstrate Ability to 3D Bioprint a Mini Human Heart
First hint that body’s ‘biological age’ can be reversed
An AI system identified a potential new drug in just 46 days
Tesla battery researcher unveils new cell that could last 1 million miles in 'robot taxis'
One More Thing (or a couple more)
38 Super Useful And Fun Websites You Never Knew You Needed In Your Life
The 100 best films of the 21st century
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