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Grant Gochnauer: Awesome Humans - Issue #170


Grant Gochnauer: Awesome Humans

January 27 · Issue #170 · View online
Awesome Humans is about becoming the best you can be in a world of exponential change: Leadership, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Personal Growth, Health, Disruption, and the Future.

Awesome Human
15 Critical Life Lessons from Blackstone’s Byron Wien
The Mental Habits of Effective Leaders: My Interview with Jennifer Garvey Berger
Forget Screen Time Rules — Lean In To Parenting Your Wired Child, Author Says
Healthy Human
"Zubin Damania, M.D.: Revolutionizing healthcare one hilariously inspiring video at a time (EP.37)" from The Peter Attia Drive by Peter Attia, MD
In the Future, Your Food Will Be Sweetened With Protein
The Body Shaming That Haunts Young Boys
Human Builders
Researchers Discover a Way to Make 3D Printing 100 Times Faster
How to Build, Manage & Scale A Sales Team - 12 Strategies From The Experts
When Startups Shed Their Skin
Future Humans
The World Is Choking on Digital Pollution
Have Aliens Found Us? An Interview with the Harvard Astronomer Avi Loeb About the Mysterious Interstellar Object ‘Oumuamua
The Brain Maps Out Ideas and Memories Like Spaces
Radical theory says our universe sits on an inflating bubble in an extra dimension
One More Thing
Spotify data shows how music preferences change with latitude
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