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GoReleaser - Issue #1

GoReleaser news, tips and tutorials
GoReleaser news, tips and tutorials
Hello, welcome to the first issue of the GoReleaser newsletter!
We’ll try to keep this as simple and sporadic as possible. Don’t worry, we’ll not spam you or anything.
In this newsletter, we’re going to share news (e.g. a summary of previous releases), resources (tutorials, tips, etc) and interesting usages of GoReleaser found in the wild.
Feel free to suggest links at any time via twitter or on our Discord.
Enough talk, let’s go!

The latest releases includes tons of improvements in the way the build section works, including support for GOAMD64, a go_first_class build target alias and other smaller improvements.
GoReleaser now also has an EULA. It’s pretty standard, and its linked bellow as well.
GoReleaser v1.9 — the 10k stars release | by Carlos A. Becker | May, 2022 | GoReleaser
GoReleaser v1.8 — The GOAMD64 release - GoReleaser
Deprecations & incidents
Always worth reminding everyone to check the active deprecation notices. Some will expire in the next release!
Biggest recent news here is that GoDownloader and incidentally were finally taken offline for good. GoDownloader was a cool idea, a “reverse GoReleaser”, but it was hard to pull it off properly. It was abandoned for years, so ~6 months ago it was properly deprecated and finally taken down with the 1.9 release.
Tip: Run a goreleaser check in your repositories every now and then, and check the deprecation notices page in our website.
We also had our first production incident. GoReleaser website was down for ~5 minutes - and since our GitHub action uses a JSON that the site serves, all the builds using the action failed.
The issue happened while enabling email in the domain using the Google Workspaces’ Cloudflare integration. I’m not sure what happened, but it seems that the main A record was deleted upon enabling Gmail in the domain. The good news is that, judging by reports on Twitter/Discord/Slack, not many people were affected, and the fix propagated fast. Phew, just a little scare! 😄
Since I found out about gource, every now and then I run it against GoReleaser’s repository and publish it to Youtube. Check the last one out:
goreleaser gource (2022)
goreleaser gource (2022)
Last but not least, GoReleaser is now featured in the Thoughtworks Technology Radar!
GoReleaser | Technology Radar | Thoughtworks
That's it!
That’s it, our first GoReleaser newsletter!
I hope you enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward to write the next one in a couple of weeks.
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GoReleaser news, tips and tutorials
GoReleaser news, tips and tutorials

Sporadic news about GoReleaser! New releases, tutorials, tips and other useful resources.

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