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Back In D.C. + Dogsitting

Back In D.C. + Dogsitting
By Gordon Chaffin • Issue #151 • View online
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Fiona the dog was over my place this weekend. I can dogsit your dog!
Fiona the dog was over my place this weekend. I can dogsit your dog!
Hey, y'all it’s been a while. I wanted to send an update that I’m moved back to D.C. and very much enjoying my new apartment perched above the Metropolitan Branch Trail. All the furniture is built, but I still haven’t figured out how to organize my stuff in the kitchen cabinets.
I’m working from the office at Street Sense, where we published an amazing report about Afghan refugees resettling to the D.C. area in both English and Dari. (It’s still only in print form because our volunteers add stories to the website. Here is a similar version at DC Line.)
It turns out that the biggest refugee issue, once they get to America, is the high housing costs. Nonprofits and community orgs can’t really help when our new neighbors burn through almost all of their resettlement money with the first month’s rent and security deposit.
The story of the moment IMO is how one-off events like COVID or the Afghanistan withdrawal/airlift prove nasty because they run into systemic problems we haven’t fixed for years and decades. COVID is crushing the “low-skill” labor markets like childcare because they mostly do involve humans with lots of skills that we should actually pay living wages for. We should have housing that is affordable enough that you don’t blow a month of wages at a new job when you move-in.
My biggest observation about D.C. life is how insanely abandoned the downtown office core still sits. I work at 1317 G NW — right by the White House and K Street — but I see almost no fellow office workers on the Metro during rush and certainly not on the roads when I’m commuting on a bike or electric skateboard. I don’t know if suburban office parks are experiencing the same lag, but there must be massive numbers of white-collar workers still working from home even as their kids go back to in-person school. Single-use commercial office districts seem pretty screwed…
Fiona the dog and I spent Saturday morning at Monroe Street Market
Fiona the dog and I spent Saturday morning at Monroe Street Market
I'm dogsitting. I'd love to host your pup!
I’m dogsitting at my new apartment as a side hustle. This weekend, Fiona the dog from Columbia Heights was my guest. What a loving pooch! Living along a bike/walk trail is perfect for long walks.
I would love to host your dog. I’m in town through all the holidays. Looking to leave town for a weekend? Most dog kennels won’t give your dog the time and love I can. I’ve got a futon/day bed right at my windows that overlook the trail.
My dogsitter profile:
$20-off promo code is GORDOC32865
Fiona really likes the grass
Fiona really likes the grass
"It's a good view." ~ Fiona
"It's a good view." ~ Fiona
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