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Impact Retail - TikTok Meetup, Podcasts, Forbes, Gazillion Articles - curated by GoodCarts - Issue #16

Impact Retail - curated by GoodCarts
Impact Retail - curated by GoodCarts
Welcome to all our new members who requested future event notices via this channel, our Impact Retail newsletter.
See below for the next event - our TikTok Meetup followed by our new TikTok why to article.
Then we have one of our most popular blog posts ever - a carefully curated list of social entrepreneurship podcasts, the Growing Pains event summary and video, our interview with Forbes, and gazillion interesting articles related to impact and retail that have crossed our radar in the last month.
Thanks! - Steve from GoodCarts
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Using TikTok Marketing to Grow Sales And Social Impact for Your Ecommerce Brand
Follow These 30 Social Entrepreneurship Podcasts for the BEST Impact Business Insights
What we learned about “growing pains” during our social impact brand event
Forbes: How GoodCarts Is Helping Purpose-Driven ECommerce Stores Scale Their Impact
CO Training : Build Your Sustainability Roadmap
Sack cartoon: Would you like a greenwash?
Jane Goodall: Why Good For the Environment is Also Good For Business
Guest post: How brands like Tony’s Chocolonely and Lidl are leading the way in sustainable cocoa
American Express research shows rise in sustainable gifting
Forget COP26, here are the fintechs making a real difference
Retailers set science-based targets to address climate change
COP26: Fashion brands face pressure to walk the talk on sustainability, new report says
Shein: The secretive Chinese brand dressing Gen Z
Are Bike Brands Greenwashing? We Asked An Expert
Is Cotton Ethical? You May Be Surprised!
Chile’s desert dumping ground for fast fashion leftovers
Chinese Consumers Conflicted About Sustainable Fashion, Report Finds
Researchers create sustainable, biodegradable, vegan glitter in the hope of reducing plastic pollution
Shein suppliers' workers doing 75-hour week, finds probe
Forget ‘Dark Academia.’ Shein Is Guilty of This Dark Deed.
Explainer: Greenwashing: deception and vague promises that do not help the environment
How to make fragile global supply chains stronger and more sustainable
Can global shipping go green?
As merchants complain of Visa's high swipe fees, experts weigh in on the company's role in the retail market
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Impact Retail - curated by GoodCarts
Impact Retail - curated by GoodCarts @goodcartsco

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