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Impact Retail - curated by GoodCarts
Impact Retail - curated by GoodCarts
Gen Z Special.
Join the Gen Z Impact Retail Meet NextGen Impact Investing webinar and optional bonus “Mingle” on Wednesday, May 5.
All our links today have a Gen Z reference. Enjoy.
What’s missing???
These articles carve up Gen Z as consumers … what about Gen Z as founders, producers, and impact entrepreneurs??!! For that meet our impact retail founders and young investors.
Other good articles or reports? Let us know what else we missed.

Maximalism and sustainability: Less isn’t always more
Levi’s enlists Jaden Smith & top Gen Z influencers in first global campaign in 3 years
Putting sustainability into practice
Decoding the enigma of Gen Z consumers: transparency, authenticity and honesty
About My Business: How to Embrace Success And Sustainability with Green Girl Leah
Gen Z, cancel culture, and value shifts: how brands can thrive in 2021
Shopping behaviours of young millennials and generation-Z: Implications for companies
Why Gen Z voices matter in making business sustainable
Gen Z Is Emerging As The Sustainability Generation
Gen Z On The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Of Sustainable Fashion
Gen Z is trading in fast-fashion clothing hauls for #thriftflips
Millennials and Generation Z are more sustainability-orientated -- even when it comes to money, researchers find
Why younger generations are more willing to change in the name of sustainability
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Impact Retail - curated by GoodCarts
Impact Retail - curated by GoodCarts @goodcartsco

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