Writing clean Golang, communicate between Go, Python or R, gophish & more

Hi, I’m your curator Maarten, currently using Go to build dev platform Jexia. Just learning Go? Pleas
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The Go Gazette

June 20 · Issue #60 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for Golang professionals.

Hi, I’m your curator Maarten, currently using Go to build dev platform Jexia. Just learning Go? Please check out ’The Go Gazelle’.

Real-world reports
Writing clean Go
Creating gRPC interceptors with Go
Simple techniques to optimise Go programs
Go News
An easy way to ensure all child processes are killed when main program exits https://t.co/xO0jof9vmm #reddit
4:26 PM - 19 Jun 2019
Binary encoding of variable length options with Go
Generating sequence diagrams from tests in Golang
Communicating between Go and Python or R
Testing in Go: writing practical failure messages
Scott Wlaschin
Slides from my talk "The Functional Programming Toolkit" at #ndcoslo are now up at
6:10 PM - 19 Jun 2019
Setting fetched rows size for database query using Go
Week based learning schedule for distributed systems
Automatically reporting errors from Go gRPC services
Go tools
Introducing Slackor
Fathom's Internal API
Kamil Ogórek
First stable release of Sentry Go SDK, v0.1 has been released!

- stacktraces for message events
- errors filtering
- integration with 6 different http libraries
- async/sync transports
- serverless support


@getsentry #golang
3:56 PM - 19 Jun 2019
Przetak: fewer weeds on the web
Kubernetes 1.15: support for Go modules
Software below the poverty line
Lightweight tasks switch: Go vs Rust
Bas van Essen
Keynote quote CJ Silverio in 'the economics of open source'. The absence of a central registry for #Golang has helped me understand what #NPM provides every #Javascript programmer. https://t.co/2lo3j7LDyU
5:36 PM - 20 Jun 2019
Good code reviews, better code reviews
Digitalocean and AWS IPs banned in Russia
Notes on Intel's CPUID and how to get it for your CPUs
Slide deck: porting Go to NetBSD/arm64
Florin Pățan
There's a new release of @GoLandIDE which makes it even easier to look at types in the debugger view if they have a "String" method. And you can use the ".aappend" postfix completion to append to an existing value. Be more productive when working with #golang from this release. https://t.co/aXYDZ17BWo
3:36 PM - 20 Jun 2019
Penetration Testing: Gophish Tutorial (Phishing Framework)
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