What's coming in Go 1.14, query data as a graph in Go, a Go Pacman clone & more

I really like to get another remote colleague! My team at Jexia is searching for you, Go pro. 👀 You
The Go Gazette

The Go Gazette

October 10 · Issue #76 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for Golang professionals.

I really like to get another remote colleague! My team at Jexia is searching for you, Go pro. 👀 You’ll be building a cloud platform that provides, scales and maintains functions, such as authorization, data storage, user management and RTC, out of the box for developers.

What's coming in Go 1.14
Go proposals, part 6: representation
Real-world reports
Flying a DJI Tello drone with Go
Capturing metrics with Go's reverse proxy
Brad Fitzpatrick
If you need to implement a fax machine, apparently #golang's got you covered:


I'm afraid how/why people are using that.
7:10 AM - 10 Oct 2019
Bad Go: adventures with JSON marshalling
Use internal packages to reduce a public API surface
Graceful shutdown of worker goroutines
Easy guide to latency measurement in Golang
Brad Fitzpatrick
Here are some slides from a talk I gave on the new gVisor-based version of the #golang sandbox for the playground (https://t.co/onmoOPy5a3), replacing Native Client (NaCl):


(Sorry, no video, but you don't really need it... I filled the slides with words)
6:28 AM - 10 Oct 2019
Build Go apps for different OS & architectures
Go integration testing: set-up and writing tests
Go tools
GoLand 2019.2.3 is out
Linear regression with Web Assembly
I just published gameboy emulator written in golang. You can play in a browser with webAssembly. #wasm #WebAssembly #golang https://t.co/28txrxbkh5 https://t.co/BhPnRCUL2O
6:45 PM - 5 Oct 2019
xkick brings Golang support to Xcode 11
Go: ent, Graph-Based ORM by Facebook
Say “Hello” to Buildah, Podman, and Skopeo
Simple immutable builders, with value receivers
Need for speed: reducing service latency by 98%
Michael Hendricks
I discovered a bug in Go's DNS resolver this morning. This afternoon my patch was merged. It's always a pleasure working with the Go team: polite and practical. Thanks @bradfitz and @mdempsky
11:10 PM - 2 Oct 2019
How Salesforce converted Einstein analytics to Go
Academic Go
Large scale unit testing for Go packages
Revitalizing the Linux programming Course with Go
Embedded recipes 2019 - testing firmware the DevOps way
40 minutes - Using u-root for our userland bootloader; this software is written in Go so we naturally choose to use Go for our testing too.
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