Using $EDITOR in a Go CLI, reverse engineer Go binaries, GopherCon 2019 videos & more

Hi, I’m your curator Maarten, currently using Go to build dev platform Jexia. Just learning Go? Pleas
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Hi, I’m your curator Maarten, currently using Go to build dev platform Jexia. Just learning Go? Please check out ’The Go Gazelle’.

GopherCon 2019: Russ Cox - on the path to Go 2
GopherCon 2019: Russ Cox - On the Path to Go 2
Real-world reports
In process gRPC-Web proxy
Capturing input with $EDITOR in a Go CLI program
Reduce struct size by laying out attributes accordingly
Optimizing number of goroutines using feedback control
Writing an image manipulation library in Go
Secured REST api for a Next.js app w/ JWT and Go
Ivan Fraixedes
A rule based tunnel written in #golang
11:56 AM - 12 Nov 2018
Reverse engineering Go binaries using R2 and Python
GopherCon 2019: Patrick Hawley - Controlling the Go runtime
Go tools
Writing a Benthos plugin
Traefik release: v2.0.0-rc1
Go News
ANN: S2, Go data compression at GBs per second #reddit
8:37 AM - 26 Aug 2019
Commonly used Go template functions
Go-prompt: controlling the rich terminal UI - Part 1
Carolyn Van Slyck - Design Command-Line Tools People Love
Tired of Stack Overflow
2 days at GopherCon UK 2019
Brandon Buck
FYI for those that need to download extremely obscure web streams (ie. when youtube-dl, livestreamer, and Dev Tools aren't doing the trick) Annie has emerged victorious.
8:28 PM - 24 Jun 2019
Program structure and composability
Text UIs and the problem of discoverability
Chris Hines - Death by 3,000 timers: streaming VoD for cable tv
GopherCon 2019: Chris Hines -
Lightning talk - building a central Go modules repo
Explore all other GopherCon 2019 lightning talks
Matt Layher
Hello GopherCon UK! The slides from my talk about building your own net.Conn types can be found here! #golang #gopherconuk
10:53 AM - 23 Aug 2019
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