Unix domain sockets in Golang, Go DevOps' HalfPike method, Go's caching state & more

I’m Maarten and use Go to build developer platform Jexia. Just learning Go? Take a look at ’The Go Ga
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The Go Gazette

March 8 · Issue #45 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for Golang professionals.

I’m Maarten and use Go to build developer platform Jexia. Just learning Go? Take a look at ’The Go Gazelle’ weekly.

What's new in the Go cloud development kit
Secure the public Go module ecosystem with Go Notary?
Real-world reports
Unix domain sockets in Go
Gopher meets Plasma: a WebAssembly experiment
Dan Jay
Job Queues in Go - OpsDash https://t.co/5cuuvsOvov #golang
7:14 AM - 8 Mar 2019
How we built an SQL firewall
Go DevOps: avoid problems with standard regexes
Go Trending
TheThingsNetwork / lorawan-stack: The Things Network Stack for LoRaWAN V3 https://t.co/RQmcxdVBtK #golang
5:36 PM - 2 Mar 2019
How Grab eased its data ingestion & transformation
Structured logging: needed friend when things Go wrong
Ghost Bridge: React Native to Go
A guide to environment variables in Go
Convert a list of objects of various types into a Go struct
JSON-to-Go: Convert JSON to Go instantly
Peloton, Uber’s unified resource scheduler
Athens Proxy releases v0.3.0 a.k.a Medusa!
Vulcanizer: a library for operating Elasticsearch
Fran Méndez 🏐
Great stuff going on this week on #AsyncAPI.

📌 Psst! We're creating a parser in Go and need people interested in collaborating. Join us! (even if you don't know Go)


#APIs #IoT #microservices #gamedev #tech #programming #kafka #mqtt
11:27 AM - 7 Mar 2019
TensorFlow Lite 1.0 for mobile and embedded devices
The state of caching in Go
gRPC to AWS Lambda: is it possible?
Carlos Landeras🔥
I was playing with twitter api in #golang and had to face the annoying api requests rate limiting... Time to use @sLoK69 goresilience 💪 package so it can do that for me 😉 https://t.co/kEKOe5hINc
6:46 PM - 8 Mar 2019
Declarative is greater than imperative
The language design meta-problem
We've gone over 2,000 @github stars with over 55 contributors. Thank you everyone for being involved! #golang #opencv #ComputerVision #openvino #dnn #embedded https://t.co/4RnLzYWqgk
12:36 PM - 7 Mar 2019
Library patterns: why frameworks are evil
Structured goroutines or framework-less flow-based coding
justforfunc: just for everyone?
Mark Mandel
Recording of my @agonesdev development live stream from last Tuesday. We do a bunch of #golang refactoring, and move into lots of sorting. Sorting, and counting. Counting, and sorting.

12:41 AM - 8 Mar 2019
Gophercon: How we built a scalable event ingestion and experimentation at Grab
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