Uber's migration to Go, server sent events, Go vs. C# & more

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September 28 · Issue #22 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for Golang professionals.

Maarten uses Go to build the back-end of developer platform Jexia. You can check previous newsletter editions here.

News & fundamentals
Go vs C#, part 2: garbage collection
How a Go program compiles down to machine code
Golang plans to add a core implementation of an internal language server protocol
Parser combinator gotchas
We test in production. You should too
Writing the pre-commit git hook for Go files
Mat Ryer
This is by far my most favourite talk I've ever given... stuff I don't use in #golang - join me in not using them too :) https://t.co/PQT11LS7su
6:20 AM - 22 Sep 2018
Detecting cycles: safer JSON marshaling in Go
Rewriting the sharding layer of Uber’s schemaless datastore
Dave Cheney
#golang top tip: the only thing worse than a “common” or “utils” package is a “common” or “utils” repository.
5:18 AM - 25 Sep 2018
Dealing with JSON DateTime when Unmarshalling in Golang
Retrieving full path of a MacOS process (and exploring procfs)
Server sent events in Go
Machine learning on Go code
A debugger from scratch — part 2
Let's handle the sound on Go
Hugo 0.49: directory based archetypes
Anyone using #golang modules in @code, and would like a sneak peek at the features in the next update to the #golang plugin? Take a look at https://t.co/5FHqfF1GCf

I'd appreciate the early feedback before I release the update next week!
1:27 AM - 27 Sep 2018
Find code faster with Go + React-based search engine Hound
TarsGo: microservice framework 5x more performant than gRPC
Learning about Go's unaddressable values and slicing
Rethinking the memory hierarchy for modern languages
My #gophercon lightning talk this year on "Whats new in @code for #golang" is finally up! https://t.co/8zRXQcNGqk
6:46 PM - 25 Sep 2018
Sloc cloc and code revisited: optimizing an already fast Go app
Talking about the design of the Go Socket framework Teleport
GopherCon 2018 Lightning Talk: Ramya Rao - Whats New in VS Code for Go - YouTube
LondonGophers 19/09/2018: Liz RIce - A Go Programmer's Guide to Secure Connections - YouTube
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