'Try' rejected, Go APIs with the mid-stack inliner, go-lookslike & more

Hi, I’m your curator Maarten, currently using Go to build dev platform Jexia. Just learning Go? Pleas
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Hi, I’m your curator Maarten, currently using Go to build dev platform Jexia. Just learning Go? Please check out ’The Go Gazelle’.

The Go team declines the ‘try’ proposal
Try blogs just before its disapproval
Golang try() and Programming in the Large
Try() will be used, changing the way code is written
Cool Go
Informal Golang Proposal: catch block as an alternative to if err = nil https://t.co/B9I6SPNKi9
3:14 PM - 17 Jul 2019
Real-world reports
TLC and QSC Model in Go
ORMs and query building in Go
Passing callbacks and pointers to Cgo
Ethan Roberts
@btmccollum @ohmyzsh Personally I suggest Antibody instead of ohmyzsh: https://t.co/1WLMkD7Com

Made with golang it loads plugins much faster.

With ohmyzsh I had problems where having more than 4 plugins would make it take 15+ seconds for the shell to load.
8:17 PM - 15 Jul 2019
Efficient Go APIs with the mid-stack inliner
10 most common mistakes I’ve seen in Go projects
TDD: an analogue clockface in Go
Create an opinionated GraphQL server with Go
Build Go services for Kubernetes w/ Telepresence & konfig
Go tools
Securing access to your APT repos
Testing data shapes with go-lookslike
Tanguy ⧓ Herrmann
Seeing #Qt run so smoothly in therecipe demo is pretty great https://t.co/m4JCQAlhFj #golang
8:41 PM - 14 Jul 2019
Binary plugins for the Jenkins X CLI
Zero-config configuration management
How the TinyGo playground simulates hardware
From gqlgen to GraphQL.js
Go needs a package interoperability group
Emmanuel T Odeke
Here are the slides for @dvyukov’s @hydraconference Go scheduler talk
It is a masterclass to understand concurrency, the M:N scheduler et al about runtime design work: work by him 🤯

For a prelude to his talk, a talk I gave in 2018 https://t.co/9PNstcqXnk
6:33 PM - 15 Jul 2019
Rust as the new C, including comparison with Go
Devs ask Google to remove its logo from the Go page
Academic paper
Growth and challenges of new programming languages
Go development with Vim-go
Client virtualization in Go - Nick Rosbrook & Brendan Kerrigan
Client Virtualization Toolstack in Go - Nick Rosbrook & Brendan Kerrigan
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