Rewriting an app to Go, how GitLab scaled Git access with Golang & more

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October 31 · Issue #79 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for Golang professionals.

Common Go pitfalls
Service resilience in Go microservices
Real-world reports
An old-school shell hack on a line printer
How I wrote a JSON parser in Go - Part 1
Pieter Claerhout
Mocking a HTTP Server #golang
11:37 AM - 26 Oct 2019
How to kill a dragon: rewriting your app to Golang
Build a robust live reloader w/ WebSockets and Go
How to write switch statements in Go
Running a serverless Go web application
Bas van Essen
GopherConAU, dedicated to Gophers in Australia and New Zealand, is having its first edition. Check the highlights in tweets #golang
2:13 PM - 31 Oct 2019
Logo watermark tool in 100 lines of Golang
Creating tray icons using Go in Windows - Part 2
Go tools
Golang pact workshop
How BigCache avoids expensive GC cycles
Command-line tool easing the use of git w/ GitHub
OpenFaaS Cloud
Go modules are now available on the Community Cluster for golang-http and golang-middleware. Enjoy!

@golang @openfaas #gitops #microservices #faas #devops #serverless #k8s
6:59 PM - 30 Oct 2019
Versions-as-a-service, ditching Github, Gitlab & co
Dataviz framework to help build admin panel in 10 min.
Introducing devtogo: A wrapper for the API
Ewan 'theres a new Tool album' Valentine
We made a thing, and it's getting some love on Reddit, appreciate the feedback and checking it out, it's for glueing together #serverless microservices and the various 'cloud bits' that go with it:

#golang #gophers #programming #cloud #microservices
1:14 AM - 29 Oct 2019
Assertions & mocks playing nicely with Go's standard lib
Documentation for general-purpose bot library Joe Bot
One of the most requested features, Linux X11 support, is now implemented. It's also by far the largest contribution to the Gio project. Thanks to Denis Smirnov and Denis Bernard!
3:27 PM - 27 Oct 2019
Research update: coding on the weekends
Why we can't settle on a Go single application structure
ok I've gone totally crazy @nu_shell this week, along with the GoLang library yesterday, today I wrote a sibling Python Library with examples to make it easy to develop sink/filter plugins! Hey scientists now you really need to make those research plugins!
11:15 PM - 24 Oct 2019
Understanding and exploiting Go’s DSA verify vulnerability
Go Time podcast: building search tools w/ Marty Schoch
Slidedeck: the legacy of Go
How GitLab scaled Git access with Go and why
Duration: 28 minutes
Intro to AI for software engineers using go-learn
Duration: 66 minutes
LondonGophers - A fireside chat on Go tooling
45 minutes
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