Release Go 1.12, debugging a Go deadlock, messaging passing concurrency in Go & more

I’m Maarten and use Go to build developer platform Jexia. Just learning Go? Check my ’Master the Worl
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I’m Maarten and use Go to build developer platform Jexia. Just learning Go? Check my ’Master the World of Go’ newsletter.

Go 1.12 is released
Recommended idiomatic Go resources
Real world advice for maintainable Go programs (final)
Real-world reports
Observability is for troubleshooting
Debugging an interesting deadlock in Go
This is pretty interesting! It seems you can define methods on types. I created a type alias for a string array and attached a method to that type.

stack.push(item) reads much better than push(stack, item) #golang
10:28 PM - 1 Mar 2019
Streaming multipart HTTP requests in Go
Least Frequently Used cache with implementation in Go
Using RediSQL with Go
Build a real-time Golang chat app
@jackmott42 has some great tutorials on building games with #golang.
6:43 PM - 2 Mar 2019
GraphQL with Go: a deep dive from basics to advanced
Goroutines in TinyGo
NATS: different take on distributed messaging
Ellen Körbes 🌈
For anyone reading this the tl;dr is:

go get
sudo mv ~/go/bin/gorun /usr/local/bin/
echo ':golang:E::go::/usr/local/bin/gorun:OC' | sudo tee /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc/register

Easy peasy.
12:05 PM - 26 Feb 2019
PQGo, experimental post-quantum cryptography
GADGT: Go codecs for serializing & deserializing data
The slowest hiker
Gperftools heap profiler
What is new about NewSQL?
It’s no secret we produce a lot of code. That means there’s a lot of testing to be done. 😅

We also happen to really like #golang.

Read @yonasstephen’s piece on how Golang’s ‘Golden File’ can be a great replacement for traditional table tests. 👌
4:59 AM - 19 Feb 2019
New Go brute forcer mid rise in e-commerce attacks
Concurrency with Clojure, Rust, Pony, Erlang & Dart
Scientific papers
Messaging passing concurrency in Go projects
Comparing 3 languages for a next-gen sequencing tool
Remote Go jobs
Why Go Is Successful (aka Simplicity is Complicated)
LondonGophers 20/02/2019: Axel Wagner - Decoding of binary network protocols
Will contracts replace interfaces? / Francesc Campoy
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