Release Go 1.12.1 + 1.11.6, home automation with Go, fixing service performance & more

I’m Maarten and use Go to build developer platform Jexia. Just learning Go? Join my Master the World
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I’m Maarten and use Go to build developer platform Jexia. Just learning Go? Join my Master the World of Go weekly.

A list of Golang proverbs
Go News
Go 1.12.1 and Go 1.11.6 are released #reddit
10:26 PM - 14 Mar 2019
Behaviour-Driven Development in Golang
Real-world reports
Write a server sent events server in Go
Context deadlines and how to set them
Functional programming in Go with dcode
Fixing service performance with PProf in Go
Jimmy John
New blog post: "Populating go vars at build time" #golang #developers
4:18 PM - 15 Mar 2019
Home automation with Golang and IKEA Trådfri
Spotify's 'recently played' w/ least used cache in Go
Roozbeh Shafiee
If you have a golang meetup group or coordinating a local dev group, from now on you can join GDN program.
Further information:
#golang #gdn #meetup
12:31 PM - 15 Mar 2019
How we ensure fast responses for card authorization
Go advanced concurrency patterns: Part 1
Go web application structure: routing/serving
monir zaman
Wrote this gif maker in #golang earlier, today added the web browser support. So it's not only a service now, it's a fully functional web app.
7:30 PM - 14 Mar 2019
Docker Compose: get started with Go - Part 1
Use Vuls as vulnerability Scanner on Ubuntu 18.04
Athens patch release out now
mkcert: valid HTTPS certificates for localhost
Devops Faith
KrakenD 0.8.0 released! Introduced the google/cel-spec, new routers, traffic shadowing, integration tests, better logging and a massive number of changes, check it out! #golang #apigateway
11:23 AM - 12 Mar 2019
Redis pipelines and transactions with Golang
Spaceship: developing a multiplayer game backend
The why of Go strings
Rethinking dependence on dependencies
My complaints about programming in Go
George Aristy
More of my notes on how to implement "smart" container-like APIs in #golang
1:39 AM - 14 Mar 2019
Kafka/KSQL streams lost when writing with Go
Why we migrated our CLI from NodeJS to Golang
Chris Short
Recommended Read: gRPC Load Balancing inside Kubernetes · Fabrice Aneche
3:17 PM - 14 Mar 2019
Scientific paper
Investigation of composable language extensions for parallel programming
Great visualization of Go package managers
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