Principles of Go versioning, Go 1.13.5 & 1.12.14, Advent of Go Code & more

There were quite some interesting guides this time, that's why I divided them in tutorials (about the
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Weekly curated blogs and tools for Golang professionals.

There were quite some interesting guides this time, that’s why I divided them in tutorials (about the concepts) and ‘tooltorials’ (about tools).

The principles of versioning in Go
Modules: projects, dependencies and Gopls
🕶 Go 1.13.5 and 1.12.14 are released!

🗣 Announcement:

🗃 Download:

3:12 AM - 5 Dec 2019
Getting started with Go kit
Testing in Go: dependency injection
Real-world reports
Emacs Go mode
Using recursion on Golang to solve a problem
Damian Gryski
Profiling a #golang service in production

By @indisruptible at @GopherConAUNZ
11:45 PM - 3 Dec 2019
Go channels in JS (1/5): sending and receiving
Advent of Code: a 4 day report by Daniel Connelly
Interrupt handling in Go
The video for my talk on deep learning in Go at #GopherConAU is now available on YouTube!
3:31 AM - 4 Dec 2019
Writing friendly command line applications
Write an HTTP REST API server in Go in minutes
Overview of NATS Streaming
Serverless with OpenFaaS and Golang - Part 2
Programmatically Kubernetes port forward in Go
Go tools
Efficient encoding, decoding, and validation APIs.
A logger for Go SQL database driver without modify
Command-line tool that eases piping between machines
Mᴀʀᴋ »Q« Kubacki
#Golang: My new #Semver release brings improved performance, and a sorting in O(n) that's usually 4× faster than other implementations for small and mid-sized lists on #amd64. #simd

It does not show up on @golang's—find it here:
9:57 PM - 28 Nov 2019
Hackable error handling package to reduce debug time
GoCVE: a simple command line tool to query CVE data
An application to map and store your IoT devices data
Sebastien Binet
New #GoHEP release: v0.21.0

the best release ever, with the ability to write ROOT trees and slices (and select compression, basket size)

Full announcement:

#WorldGomination in #Golang!

5:44 PM - 28 Nov 2019
Errwrap: wrap/fix errors with the new %w verb directive
Go doesn’t need generics
Creator 2D game library Ebiten looks back on 2019
Academic article
The standardisation of Merkle trees
Gopherpalooza 2019: full presentation playlist
GopherConAU - Ben Boyter - Sloc cloc and code
Duration: 30 minutes
Go & K8s driven test suite for Kafka replication - Ran Tavory
Duration: 28 minutes
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