Pre-release Go 1.12, Go web architecture, Go concurrency bugs, PGP alternatives & more

I’m Maarten and use Go to build developer platform Jexia. Just learning Go? Check my ’Master the Worl
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February 16 · Issue #42 · View online
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I’m Maarten and use Go to build developer platform Jexia. Just learning Go? Check my ’Master the World of Go’ newsletter.

Golang data structures: trees
Go developers say go go go on v1.12 tester
Filippo Valsorda
Go modules ProTip: one repository, one module. Just put a go.mod in the root.

Don't nest modules. It adds a lot of complexity, and usually (99.99%) doesn't have any advantage: dependencies are still fetched per package. is going to be a single module.
10:53 PM - 14 Feb 2019
Web service architecture for Golang developers
Golang scope issue
Error handling in Go
Christian Hujer🏴‍☠️⌨
If you're a #Golang developer and haven't given godog a try yet, I recommend you do so. It offers @cucumberbdd style #BDD behavior driven development with feature files in Gherkin. I use it in more than half of my #Golang projects.
3:43 AM - 16 Feb 2019
Multipart HTTP responses in Go
Fast serialization with Liip Serializer
Testing and mocking - what clicked for me
Improve Go errors' informativeness by adding a stack trace and source fragments
Build your own OAuth2 server in Go
Fully-functional CLI in Go with Viper and Co­bra
Time to leave @CERN after three days of teaching Go to really passionate engineers.

The slides, for those that might be interested, are already online (although days 2 and 3 were mostly live coding/demos).

#golang #slides
1:30 PM - 15 Feb 2019
Learn Go via WASM - Part 6, with TypeScript & React
Modern alternatives to PGP
Comparing OpenAPI with gRPC
Handling 1M websockets connections in Go
Matt Layher
One of the things I like most about Go: by the time anti-Go folks have enumerated their complaints about it being a "simple, childish" language, I've already had enough time to build, test, and deploy a production-ready system in Go. #golang
5:30 PM - 14 Feb 2019
The law of the JSON
Will contracts replace interfaces?
GopherCon Russia
We received about 50 very interesting talk submissions. Thanks to all participating! We plan to finish our discussions and receive confirmations until the end of the week. And today we are happy to publish the first part of the accepted talks! #golang
9:49 AM - 12 Feb 2019
The firmware and hardware rabbit hole
Will Node.js forever be the sluggish Golang?
Remote jobs
Scientific papers
Real-world concurrency bugs in Go
Concurrent programming safety in real-world Rust
Parallel programming in Go for performance with the Pargo library
Embedded with Go: from an AWK prototype to a gokrazy appliance How to build a self-contained toy fo…
Structured Concurrency Finding our way out of callback hell
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