Pkg/errors to Go 1.13 errors, Linux networking from Go, tricky parts of interfaces & more

The Go Gazette

The Go Gazette

October 24 · Issue #78 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for Golang professionals.

Continuous profiling and Go
Migrating pkg/errors to Go 1.13 errors
Proposal: scaling the Go page allocator
Real-world reports
How I write Go tests
Writing TCP scanner in Go
Go interfaces, the tricky parts
Emmanuel T Odeke
A great testament to how using Go helped @segment increase their profit margin by 20% in just 90 days, titled “The $10m engineering problem”.

Read the blog to see how they massively increased their throughout and cut costs while at!

Build and bet on Go! #golang

5:57 AM - 21 Oct 2019
Cloning Memcached with Go
Implementing linear regression with Go
How to make a pretty prompt in Windows Terminal with Powerline, Nerd Fonts, Go, Cascadia Code, WSL, and oh-my-posh
Linux networking from Go
Reading source code: Bilibili in Go
Matt Oswalt
♻ ICYMI: Keeping @nats_io Connections DRY in Go
12:55 AM - 18 Oct 2019
How to parse a JSON request body in Go
Creating tray icons using Go in Windows - Part 1
Performance monitoring of a Go app: why and how
Go tools
Introducing Goalpost
Announcing go-james v1.0.0
Evan Lin@LINE DevRel
Announcing Distributed Application Runtime (Dapr), an open source project to make it easier for every developer to build microservice applications - Open Source Blog #golang
7:44 AM - 18 Oct 2019
Google open-source: peripherals I/O in Go
Tyk 2.9 - API gateway and API management
Fast Google Analytics API downloads with Go
Row polymorphism in Go?!
A Golang Turing machine library
Go's reflect packages vs types package
Micro 1.12.0 is out! We're rapidly working towards a full runtime environment for microservices. And in this release we provide experimental support for a shared global service network. Come join the slack to learn more. #microservices #golang
9:44 PM - 17 Oct 2019
Writing a functional testing Tool in Go - part 1
Request smuggling between Amazon ALBs & Go net/http
Slide deck: Go playground
Patrick Chase
@manishrjain and @karlsmcguire crushing it on the @GoTimeFM podcast! They discuss their recent project #ristretto, caching library for Go #golang @dgraphlabs
11:32 PM - 22 Oct 2019
Patrick Devine - 2D Sprites with Unicode and Golang
Duration: 13 minutes
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