Instrumenting Go via AST, Grep in Golang, Go to SQL & more

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The Go Gazette

November 7 · Issue #81 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for Golang professionals.

Panic/recover mechanism in detail
Memory management and allocation
Real-world reports
Managing CPU load in Golang
Instrumenting Go code via AST
How we built a vectorized SQL engine w/ Go
Tobiasz Heller
Thanks @kelseyhightower for great envconfig library!
I have written blog post how it works great with struct embedding in #go if you want to pass config to your app and internal libraries.

8:06 PM - 5 Nov 2019
Running a Golang database on WebAssembly
Speed up Go builds with Actions dependency cache
Grep from first principles, in Golang
Go to SQL: creating a Postgres relational DB
Check out #tinygo running on the @thepine64 #PineTime watch in their latest blog post #golang #wearables
5:45 PM - 5 Nov 2019
Go CBOR encoder: special floating point numbers
Go tools
Launch Stripe command-line interface in Go
Release v1.10.0 Ebiten's 2D game library in Go
Localize pupils/eyes in Pigo face detection library
Mark Bates
Introducing Pkger — Static File Embedding in Go

Been waiting awhile to announce this project, that I hope will eventually replace “gobuffalo/packr”.

Of course, there’s a video in there too if you don’t like to read. :)

#golang /cc @golangweekly
9:25 PM - 5 Nov 2019
Go versions 1.13.4 and 1.12.13, containing minor point releases, were released the past week. Go 1.13.4 includes fixes to the net/http and syscall packages. Both versions resolve an issue on macOS 10.15 Catalina where the non-notarized installer and binaries were being rejected by Gatekeeper. View the release notes.
I'll take pkg over internal
Filippo Valsorda
@davecheney I don't get the "pkg/ vs internal/" thing: internal/ is semantic, pkg/ is aesthetic (and I personally find it ugly, and feel like any package structure would be made better by removing it, surfacing the hopefully meaningful package names).
4:29 AM - 4 Nov 2019
Go proposal: vector basic type
5 things Rob Pike attributes to Go's success
cfnts: Cloudflare's implementation of NTS in Rust
Academic articles
A data-race detector in the style of Go
Exploring Rust for Unikernel development
Crusty Go vs. well-written Rust project. Can Go win?
Hands-on writing malware in Go
Duration: 35 minutes
Performance tuning of Go applications in the cloud
Duration: 50 minutes
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