I still ❤️ you, GOPATH, exploring voter stats with Go, introducing ent & more

Note: you can still apply to join my team at Jexia  as accomplished Go developer (remote). You'll be
The Go Gazette

The Go Gazette

October 3 · Issue #75 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for Golang professionals.

Note: you can still apply to join my team at Jexia  as accomplished Go developer (remote). You’ll be building a cloud platform that provides, scales and maintains core software functions, such as authorization, data storage, user management and RTC, out of the box for developers.

From the core team
Go’s proposal process: representation
Real-world reports
Ultimate setup for your next Go project
Exploring Toronto voter stats using Golang
GopherCon UK
We are pleased to let you know that the videos from GopherCon UK 2019 are now available online. Missed a session, or perhaps you weren't able to attend? Catch up on what you didn't get to see here: https://t.co/KcnSYkHUBa #gopherconuk
9:01 AM - 2 Oct 2019
Processing 40 TB of code from ~10 million projects
Build fast, tiny GitHub Actions with Go and Docker
Writing an one-to-many event feed library in Go
Solving performance hotspots w/ Go memory pooling
Go tools
Super Graph
Introducing ent
KrakenD API Gateway by Devops Faith
Today, after three years serving traffic around the world, and a lot of lessons learned on the way, KrakenD 1.0 is out 🎉🎉🎉
https://t.co/yYInyEzi5X https://t.co/HwNfuVTELN
7:53 PM - 30 Sep 2019
Golang support on LGTM - now in beta
Bigslice: a cluster computing system for Go
The Go team is serious about artwork. This is apparently how the cloud is built. https://t.co/wDcQ33kBpt
1:05 AM - 1 Oct 2019
Doppio: a fast LRU cache on top of Ristretto
Self-managing serverless computing with Bigmachine
I still ❤️ you, GOPATH
Hacking Google Cloud Run
Go from a C# Developer's Perspective
CUE: a data constraint language and shoo-in for Go
Marcel van Lohuizen, Google.
Stefan Baerisch: Go(lang) to Python
About this weekly:
The Go Gazette is a mailing consisting of the finest blogs and tools curated for Golang prosI’m Maarten, your curator, working from the Netherlands to help building a cloud software development platform called Jexia.
Do you have a question, feedback or you want to notify me about a recent blog for Golang pros? Reach out to me via maarten at go-gazette.com. Btw, I don’t accept proposals to include sponsored content in my weekly.
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