Heap-Sort in Golang, avoiding deadlocks, a smart contract language in Go & more

I’m Maarten and use Go to build the back-end of developer platform Jexia. Just learning Go? Look into
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The Go Gazette

January 18 · Issue #38 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for Golang professionals.

I’m Maarten and use Go to build the back-end of developer platform Jexia. Just learning Go? Look into my ’Master the World of Go’ newsletter.

On concurrency in Go HTTP servers
Extensive list of examples of Golang compared to Node.js
Real-world reports
Compiling Go to WebAssembly
Deadlocks in non-hierarchical CSP
How to create an SSH tunnel in Go
Bas van Essen
How to Write Second Generation AppEngine Apps with Go 1.11: https://t.co/FWIduFpJYU
4:22 PM - 18 Jan 2019
Reading Challenge: Heap-Sort in Go
Breaking all the rules: using Go to call Windows API
Mihai Todor
Great intro to mocking in Go: https://t.co/wbgucVU5Kq
4:08 PM - 17 Jan 2019
Create a new smart contract language with Go — Lexer part
Choosing maximum concurrent queries in Prometheus smartly
Build a Go API
Automating DJI Tello drone using GOBOT
Build a real-time data pipeline in Go - Part 3
Implementing a User-Space NFS Client in Go
Naive Bayes Classifier From Scratch | Part 2 (NLP in Golang)
How to: Disable Log Output During Tests in #golang https://t.co/twZW6DqntV
9:23 PM - 15 Jan 2019
Asynchronous Flutter chat client with Go server powered by gRPC
Cloud Functions: Go 1.11 is now supported
Transfer learning — a case study
Proposal: Go 2 Number Literal Changes
How we built a backend for our £20 million crowdfunding round
How a Moscow dev made real-time messaging easier to accomplish
Explore polyglot software frameworks in ALICE with FairMQ & fer
Remote jobs
Senior Backend Engineer at Herdius
Gitlab - Backend Engineer - Gitaly (Ruby & Go)
Mike Sample
Ever written #Golang tests that print error messages when large map values differ and had to sift through the fields' random print order to spot the diffs? Upcoming in Go 1.12: "Maps are now printed in key-sorted order to ease testing. 🎆🎊 Thank you! https://t.co/11h9k9IzNa
12:00 AM - 13 Jan 2019
Good Eggs - Senior Platform Engineer, DevOps / Data
InfluxData - Sales Engineer, North East US
gVisor: build and battle test a userspace OS in Go
Extending Envoy with Go - Thomas Graf, Covalent
Lightning Talk: Extending Envoy with Go - Thomas Graf, Covalent
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