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The Go Gazette

July 14 · Issue #10 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for Golang professionals.

Slices from the ground up
Understanding the context package in Golang
Telemetry system for F1 2017, using Go, InfluxDB and Grafana
Use interfaces and dependency injection to future proof designs
Simplifying cloud native development
Using Go for WebAssembly Applications
Go WebAssembly: Binding structures to JS references
Introducing Buffalo-Azure
Dependency Injection in Go
Go 1.11: WebAssembly for the Gophers
Brad Fitzpatrick
.@_rsc just submitted module support to the cmd/go tool at #golang tip for Go 1.11. Read all about it:


(this is what you knew as "vgo". Proper term: "modules")
11:28 PM - 12 Jul 2018
Writing a reverse proxy in just one line with Go
G.E.R.T: a Go-based toolkit for embedded apps
Making Jepsen check linearizability in linear time
Opinionated, P2P networking stack for decentralized protocols
I fought the code, and the code won
another day, another #golang CI failure from a vanity import path

unable to fetch raw metadata: failed HTTP request to URL “https://t.co/e7LRlMYKtE”: Get https://t.co/e7LRlMYKtE: dial tcp: lookup https://t.co/xxobT64rXM on xxx:53: no such host
4:10 AM - 13 Jul 2018
Operational semantics of a weak memory model
New gops release 🔥

Thanks to @dastergon, `gops tree` provides pstree-like output. It is much easier to examine things now, see an example of me diagnosing docker components written in #golang below. https://t.co/QoiOSOz8Cl https://t.co/2L96hCIWnQ
9:38 PM - 11 Jul 2018
Bye microservices: From 100s of problem children to 1 superstar
Cindy Sridharan
Golang fans: Go is a great language for writing distributed systems.

Me: A number of outages in some very popular distributed systems (or worse, in their clients) can be root caused to goroutine leaks. The Go community could benefit from a leak detector.
5:21 PM - 5 Jul 2018
Simple Web App With Golang & WebAssembly
Simple Web App With Golang & WebAssembly | By BxJS - YouTube
Killer Robots 101 with Go
Killer Robots 101 with Go - YouTube
Measuring memory allocations and how to reduce them
justforfunc #37: sync.Pool from the pool - YouTube
The deep synergy between testability and good design
Michael Feathers - the deep synergy between testability and good design - YouTube
Go Time #79: New Go branding strategy with Steve Francia
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