🎄 Go streaming telemetry, Go 1.12 Beta 1, Go modules in 2019 & more 🎄

Maarten uses Go to build the back-end of developer platform Jexia. Just becoming a gopher? Check his
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Maarten uses Go to build the back-end of developer platform Jexia. Just becoming a gopher? Check his ’Master the World of Go’ newsletter.

Go streaming telemetry
Members, methods, and interfaces
💥 Go 1.12 Beta 1 is released!

⚙️ Try it! File bugs! https://t.co/rE2eWdKPGw

📣 Announcement:

⬇️ https://t.co/uyV9K0ua3m #golang https://t.co/WX22nuK6yJ
5:38 AM - 20 Dec 2018
Is Go's channel memory usage dynamic?
Real-world reports
Panic like a PRO
Generate client codes for Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions
Exploring byte parsing APIs in Go
MongoDB Go Driver and Protobuf — make them work together
Interested in Go modules? Learn what the Go team has planned for modules in 2019 – https://t.co/pmncMDZz6q #golang
4:34 PM - 19 Dec 2018
Designing resilient systems: circuit breakers or retries? (Part 1)
Build a pluggable Go app and benefit from AWS Lambda layers
Watermill v0.2.0 released
Koazee v0.0.3 (Gibbon) is out
Releases · grpc/grpc · GitHub
Quick start with the Algolia's api client
Linux Fu: share terminal in browser
Announcing bchd 0.13.0-beta2 with Fast Sync Mode
Goresilience: a Go library to improve applications resiliency
Brad Fitzpatrick
I've started to rethink the #golang HTTP client. See https://t.co/bdndBQ3H4j for words & slides & thoughts & links.

Totally incomplete & early days. Be gentle.
8:13 PM - 18 Dec 2018
gRPC meets .NET sdk + Visual Studio: automatic codegen on build
First attempts at concurrency in Go
Critical arbitrary code execution vulnerability found in Kubernetes
Go Trending
sipt / shuttle: A web proxy in Golang with amazing features. https://t.co/jiF7gaplab #golang
2:06 PM - 20 Dec 2018
GCC's transition to Git yet months away, reposurgeon ported to Go
gRPC performance; tuning applications and libraries - Noah Eisen,
gRPC Performance; Tuning Applications and Libraries - Noah Eisen, Google
Need Speed? Accelerate your Prometheus dashboard with Trickster
Got a Need for Speed? Accelerate Your Prometheus Dashboard Using... - Shilla Saebi & James Ranson
Advent of Code, day 5 - Just for Func
justforfunclive: Advent of Code day 5
I Wish You All a Merry Christmas!
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