Go's 2019 plans, writing a Vet analyzer pass, Golang with WebAssembly & more

I’m Maarten and use Go to build the back-end of developer platform Jexia. Just learning Go? Check my
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February 8 · Issue #41 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for Golang professionals.

I’m Maarten and use Go to build the back-end of developer platform Jexia. Just learning Go? Check my ’Master the World of Go’ newsletter.

State of Go - report for this month released
"The State of Go: What's New Since Go 1.10" by Francesc Campoy
Coming to Go: modules, generics, better error-handling
Grab a slice on the go
Real-world reports
Calling Swift from Go
How to write a Vet analyzer pass
How-to fix tightly coupled Go code
Taras Sheremeta
Thread about why I said that init() functions in #Golang are evil...

#Golang #Go #Init #Code https://t.co/mXr6UjxMtb
11:56 AM - 5 Feb 2019
Benchmarking package initialization
Build gRPC assembly for TiKV in Go
Test and benchmark your code in Go
GraphQL subscriptions with Go, GQLgen and MongoDB
Learning Go through WebAssembly: Part 1, introduction and setup
Pivotal’s function service and Go
Debugging with GoLand – getting started
Denis Denisov
commit/branch/workdir explorer for git #golang https://t.co/TkkAsYBIZr https://t.co/RhGyzrHcoi
9:00 PM - 6 Feb 2019
Is Long/Lat within polygon from GeoJson
Using wfl and Go drmaa2 with Singularity
TinyGo: Golang for small places (and devices)
Announcing Go-Grid: scaling cloud load testing to millions of users
Patrick Reynolds
@dgryski A lot of GitHub infrastructure is in Go now, including all the server-side parts of Actions.
3:25 AM - 8 Feb 2019
Create processes, containers, Kubernetes jobs and Cloud Foundry tasks with wfl
Remote Go jobs
Exceptional Go
Moving from Go to PHP again
Consider gRPC for mobile APIs
Go Time
Resources for new speakers in the Go community ~> https://t.co/fH8aDOxcDA

via @cassandraoid on #gotime67
9:28 PM - 8 Feb 2018
Should a backend developer learn Javascript?
Lessons from rebuilding our backend feed service
FOSDEM - all video recordings
Go for DevOps, Go for microservices, and what Go is (…) - Björn Rabenstein - code::dive 2018
How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Generics and Love Go - Krzysztof Dryś - code::dive 2018
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