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Go 2's 'too clever' contracts, animated QR data transfer, GoAWK & and much more


The Go Gazette

November 24 · Issue #30 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for Golang professionals.

Context propagation over HTTP in Go
Go 2 generics: contracts are too clever
Synchronizing states using mutex vs channel in Go
Stefan Nilsson
Useful #golang facts. № 237. Most functions in the regexp package do substring matching. To match a full string, anchor the expression with a ^ and a $. The ^ matches the beginning of a text or line, while the $ matches the end of a text.
2:58 PM - 24 Nov 2018
Real-world reports
Simple proxy based on body request
Developing and deploying a whole website in Golang
Animated QR data transfer with Gomobile and Gopherjs
I wrote up some simple examples of using #golang's generate feature: #blog #rss
4:18 PM - 19 Nov 2018
Creating a Terraform provider - Part 1
Performance analysis and tuning, using a HTTP webserver in Go
AWS step functions, state machines, bifrost and building deployers
Go Time
The Service Mesh Orchestration Platform #golang
5:04 PM - 22 Nov 2018
GoLand 2018.3 released
Elastic APM Go Agent 1.0.0 released
GoAWK, an AWK interpreter written in Go
Go Time
Pprof made easy at development time for Go #golang
5:04 PM - 23 Nov 2018
Introducing Watermill - Go event-driven applications library
A serverless and Go journey
PHP was never meant to die
Kent Gruber
🍩 doh - DNS over HTTPs command-line utility written in #golang

ℹ️Some Features
* three different backends: [cloudflare, google, quad9]
* supports concurrent domain lookups
* output is json

5:15 AM - 18 Nov 2018
Making runtime data useful for incident diagnosis (pdf)
Detect threats privacy-fair with DNS & golang-framestream (pdf)
Short article about DNS name resolution weirdness on containers and in general when /etc/nsswitch.conf does not exist on #golang programs:
8:50 PM - 22 Nov 2018
Rclone: rsync for cloud storage (and much more)
LondonGophers 21/11/2018: Nick Craig-Wood - Rclone: rsync for cloud storage (and much more)
Building a blockchain with Go - Part 10: finishing up
Building a Blockchain with Go - Part 10 - Finishing Up
Create smart contracts using Go and The Loom SDK
Create Smart Contracts Using Go And The Loom SDK
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