Go 1.14 beta 1, virtual actor pattern in Go, "Sign in with Apple" with Go & more

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Tail-recursion in Go
Interning strings in Go
☃️ Go 1.14 Beta 1 is released!

🐧 Try it! File bugs! https://t.co/rE2eWdKPGw

🌬️ Announcement: https://t.co/vWcog7sFA3

🏂 Download: https://t.co/PHeYgAqoPT

#golang https://t.co/A3o2f2dEm8
8:57 PM - 17 Dec 2019
Virtual actor pattern in Go
Modules - Part 3: minimal version selection
More fundamentals:
Real-world reports
Go: stress testing our service
FIPS compliant crypto in Golang
Roberto Clapis 🏳️‍🌈⚤🇪🇺🇮🇹🇨🇭
🔊🔊🔊 post: sneaky race conditions in Go and Rust 🔊🔊🔊

The most common family of race conditions that Go and Rust currently do not detect or prevent(and you should probably know about).

Special thanks to @karroffel for Rust help!

#golang #rustlang

9:59 PM - 13 Dec 2019
Implementing container runtime shim: runc
Validating "Sign in with Apple" authorization code
Steering uncharted waters of SSL/TLS certificates & gRPC
API clients for humans
Using Makefile(s) for Go
Aaron Schlesinger
Gophers! The @GopherCon CFP is open until January 10, 2020. I wrote about some common pitfalls I see with proposals: https://t.co/XwN7yH5WAC
7:17 PM - 18 Dec 2019
Testing in Go: test doubles by example
Control packet flow with TCP_NODELAY in Go
Common security and cryptography mistakes in Go
Go tools
Release Dgraph v1.1.1
Minify Docker images up to 30x without change
#Goyave v2.2.0 is out! This version adds a lot of #testing features.


#golang #web #framework
7:42 PM - 18 Dec 2019
Distributed web crawler admin to manage spiders
Open-sourcing Jenkins Config-Driven Pipelines Plugin
ChainifyDB: blockchainify data management systems
Your Makefiles are wrong
Go Time #110: The fireside edition 🔥
Facilitating concurrency in hybrid programs
Things in Go I've been learning this week
Should we think of APIs in a more polyglot way?
Tech lead expectations for projects - G. Orosz (Uber)
API pipeline service in Go, calling several APIs in parallel
Duration: 75 minutes
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