Go 1.11 Beta 3, stream processing, map matching & more - Issue #14

Maarten currently uses Golang to build developer platform Jexia. Just learning Golang? Join his newsl
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Maarten currently uses Golang to build developer platform Jexia. Just learning Golang? Join his newsletter ’Master the World of Golang’.

Go modules and CircleCI
Does the race detector catch all data races?
🎉 Go 1.11 Beta 3 is released!

🗣 Announcement: https://t.co/THYmCasOJF

#golang https://t.co/HxwMdOB1PX
12:59 AM - 4 Aug 2018
The Go low-level calling convention on x86-64
Clear defensive programming with Go using Verifier library
How to concatenate strings in Go
One process programming notes (with Go and SQLite)
Brad Fitzpatrick
Trying to profile init-time allocs in #golang? Using this is too late:

$ go test -memprofilerate=1 [...]

By the time the test framework runs, your packages have loaded.

Do this instead:

$ GODEBUG=memprofilerate=1 go test [...]

TIL. And also reduced memory usage a bunch.
8:41 PM - 1 Aug 2018
App health check with Golang and multi-stage Docker build
How to use MySQL JSON data type with prepared statements
I was getting so many questions on this topic that I finally wrote about sampling in observability before the weekend arrives. Especially if you are doing distributed tracing or event collection, please read it. https://t.co/OrVGuu2EtA https://t.co/8PYybSyGeV
12:49 AM - 4 Aug 2018
Map matching with Go on Raspberry Pi: my own car system, rear camera, offline maps & routing - Part 2
Go Go, Go! Stream Processing for Go
How to prepare mysql binlog from Go
Russ did a tweetstorm about dep and vgo, but I think mischaracterizes some important details. I wanted to add my perspective. https://t.co/PgCv43DZE9 https://t.co/FhWr19U8Mf
8:26 PM - 27 Jul 2018
Using Go for WebAssembly applications
SRE: debugging simple memory leaks in Go
Refactoring program on Go: acceleration is 23 times
It is not that we don’t ever implement factories in #golang, we don’t call them factories.
8:00 PM - 27 Jul 2018
Accelerate string concatenation in Go with your own hand
How to write a REST API in Go with DI
100% coverage of the code with tests in Go using sql-dumper
Life: secure, blazing-fast, cross-platform WebAssembly VM in Go
Go-HEP Manifesto
Psychology of code readability
Mat Ryer recovering after #GopherconUK
About 90% of @gopherconuk are at THEIR FIRST GO CONFERENCE

This community is really growing fast.

#golang https://t.co/V11wi6R3Ti
10:27 AM - 3 Aug 2018
GoReleaser: lessons learned so far
SPAKE2 In Golang: Elliptic Curves Primer
I have a super-power memory
justforfunc live: trying linear regression with gonum
justforfunc live: trying linear regression with gonum - YouTube
Go's array and slices gotchas
Golang Meetup July 2018 - YouTube
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