Dynamically scoped variables in Go, compile SQL queries to type-safe Go & more

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Safe use of unsafe.Pointer
Versioning‌ ‌with‌ ‌branching‌ ‌strategy‌
Dynamically scoped variables in Go
Bill Kennedy : MIA/-4
It's been a while since I published this link. Here is a set of Go (mostly) reading material that will keep you busy over the holidays. #golang

3:28 PM - 10 Dec 2019
Podcast: concurrency, parallelism, and async design
How Go runtime scheduler smartly handles system calls
Real-world reports
Golang automated pipeline
Playing with linear accelerometer
Signing JWTs with Go's crypto/ed25519
Filip Wojciechowski
This will likely be obvious to experienced gophers, but it took me some time to figure out, so I wrote a blog post about it -- how to implement a random ticker in #golang.

Comments and criticisms are welcome - I'm still learning!

11:37 PM - 11 Dec 2019
I wrapped my Spotify history the hard way
Go JSON tricks: "Slightly" custom marshaling
Go type error: getting to the bottom of the bugs
Test driven Advent of Code
Processing parquet files in Go
Creating GitHub Actions in Go
Aaron Powell
@MaximRouiller @shehackspurple I can vouch for Go, been using it for ~18 months.

I've also just completed a port to GitHub Actions for the deployment and will blog it soon (important stuff is here: https://t.co/4hEa5gehjt)
2:04 AM - 10 Dec 2019
Go: GOMAXPROCS & live updates
Go advanced concurrency patterns: channels
Write your own Go linters with parser package
Go tools
Subfinder: discover valid subdomains for websites
Introducing sqlc - compile SQL queries to type-safe Go
An interactive Golang programming game in the browser
Fun with Flags
Benchmark surprises
Women Who Go
The @GopherAcademy GopherCon 2020 Diversity Scholarship is now open! You have until Jan 8 to apply. ⏰

6:13 PM - 4 Dec 2019
Type safety: PHP compared with Go
Migrating to the MongoDB supported driver for Go
Academic article
Verifying concurrent Go code in Coq with Goose
Steve Stotter & Salman Ahmed - Testing journey with Go
Duration: 30 minutes
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