BrainFuck interpreter in Go, fixed XOR decryption in Go, Golang executables & more

🎆 If you celebrate New Year next week… wishing you a great 2020! 🎆
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December 27 · Issue #88 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for Golang professionals.

🎆 If you celebrate New Year next week… wishing you a great 2020! 🎆

Common Go mistakes
Go: counting semaphores
Tink 1.3.0-RC3 is out, hopefully the final RC before the long overdue 1.3.0 release!

Many new features for C++ and brand new support for Golang!
8:45 AM - 20 Dec 2019
Real-world reports
Using C libraries from Go
Terminating processes in Go
𝑺𝒕𝒆𝒆𝒗𝒆 𝑴𝒐𝒓𝒊𝒏
Had fun trying to parse the code signature header of an iOS binary in pure Go. It doesn't do much but it's working and was surprisingly easy to write thanks to the stdlib.
1:58 AM - 23 Dec 2019
Go JSON tricks: JSON arrays as Go structs
Writing a BrainFuck interpreter in Golang
Sebastien Binet
New #GoHEP release: v0.22.0

the best release ever with 3 new #groot cmds: root-merge (like hadd), arrow2root and npy2root.

Full announcement:

#WorldGomination in #Golang with a dash of "marrons glacés".🧁🥮
5:23 PM - 20 Dec 2019
TLS certificates from Azure Key Vault with Go
Named return values in Go. A fickle companion
Fixed XOR decryption in Go
Top 6 security best practices for Go
We celebrate 24 supported boards, 35 sensors + displays, & over 40 contributors, with a new release for the holidays. Have fun! #golang #tinygo #microcontrollers #embedded #arduino #adafruit #WebAssembly #wasm
12:42 PM - 24 Dec 2019
HTML, CSS and Go, together at long last
Preventing server side request forgery in Go
Go tools
Hugo 0.62
FyneDesk reaches first release
readeef is a self-hosted feed aggregator. Similar to Google Reader, but on your own server and written in golang.

2:35 PM - 23 Dec 2019
lf: a terminal file manager written in Go
Marionette - enable E2E user-scenario simulation
We are moving to Go
Analyzing Golang executables
Is LevelDB 2 times faster than BadgerDB?
It's Go Time!
🙌 New episode of Go Time!

💬 Bugs are in the air
🎙 @flowchartsman @joncalhoun @carmatrocity @jboursiquot
🏷 #golang #practices

7:29 PM - 24 Dec 2019
The new async-std runtime, inspired by Go
Why Go not makes system calls through the C library
Academic articles
Base conversion for floating point numbers in Go
Systems @Scale 2019: journey for a new ORM in Go
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