A clear & transparent Go proposal process, no-Go files in Go, AES encryption & more

Hi, I’m your curator Maarten, currently using Go to build dev platform Jexia. Just learning Go? Pleas
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Hi, I’m your curator Maarten, currently using Go to build dev platform Jexia. Just learning Go? Please check out ’The Go Gazelle’.

Experiment, simplify, ship
Russ Cox: thinking about Go's proposal process
Russ Cox: clarity & transparency in Go's proposal process
Russ Cox
I had many good discussions with Go contributors at Gophercon about the proposal process. I'm collecting my thoughts and thinking out loud on my blog. See https://t.co/HvA0kElDxE for initial thoughts. Feedback welcome; a more nuanced medium than Twitter would be best. #golang
6:21 PM - 5 Aug 2019
Real-world reports
Error-handling in Go
Interface contracts matter
AES encryption of files in Go
Asim Aslam
On the road to 10k. The most popular microservices framework for Go. https://t.co/pN2UG4CsEa #microservices #golang
12:13 PM - 5 Aug 2019
Inclusion; No-Go files in a Go program
Why you should use a Go module proxy
The tale of the missing read handler in Go
Emmanuel T Odeke
As @dvyukov notes, Cilk radically influenced modern run-times💡

I gave a talk in 2018, "Go surgery: a goroutine and its innards" and referenced Cilk’s influence on #golang https://t.co/udC0e4ScAX

Btw Keith Randall, whose PhD produced Cilk, works on Go💡🚀https://t.co/YOwNV2lp8y
6:00 PM - 8 Aug 2019
Writing delightful HTTP middlewares in Go
Generating WebAssembly CPU profiles in Go
A Golang secure coding practices guide (book)
Known length slice initialization speed
My thoughts on generics in Go, via contracts
The perfect language (and why Go still isn't it)
Gareth Lewin
You know with all the talk about #golang 2.0 and stuff like generics, what I really miss in go is constructors and deterministic destruction. RIAA would go a long way to improving the quality of #golang code but I doubt the authors would like the "magic".
8:35 PM - 7 Aug 2019
Boost performance “binary trees” more than 3x times
Checking a character's case in Go, the long way around
A corporate language called Go - Neither good, nor bad
Refactoring to Modules: Why And How
Go tools
Building Go programs in TeamCity
Scaling Graphite in a cloud environment
Just released v0.4.0 of our TinyGo drivers with support for 31 different sensors, displays, & other hardware devices. Team member @_CONEJO adds SSD1331, ST7735, and ST7789 TFT color displays. Thank you! https://t.co/9NLFupDf2s #golang #microcontrollers #displays
4:02 PM - 7 Aug 2019
Probing Golang runtime using SystemTap
Go-sundheit: defining service health for Go services
Daniel Podolsky

Hi, my Name is Daniel Podolsky, I'm writing to you as a member of program committee of Golang conf, Moscow. (https://t.co/HXHMiKaWCH)

I'm short of letters, so would you like to disscuss a possibility to give a speech on our conf?
7:40 PM - 15 Jul 2019
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