-50% metrics ingestion latency by forking the Go compiler, next level Go tests & more

Hi, I’m your curator Maarten, currently using Go to build developer platform Jexia. Just learning Go?
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Hi, I’m your curator Maarten, currently using Go to build developer platform Jexia. Just learning Go? Please check out ’The Go Gazelle’. 

An overview of Go's tooling
♻️ Let’s try this one again…

📦 Go 1.12.4 and 1.11.9 are released!

🙋‍♂️ You only need to update if you’re on Linux, using cgo, and affected by this issue: https://t.co/ki2g7yHVcH

⬇️ Download: https://t.co/StazJXa19M

#golang https://t.co/Do96ATipI3
4:41 AM - 12 Apr 2019
Init is bad and you should feel bad
Real-world reports
Protobufs: a faster backend
QuickCheck testing in Golang
Improving key expiration in Redis
Dylan Meeus
I've written about a quick benchmark of "Sets" in Go. :)


11:42 PM - 15 Apr 2019
Using a specific Go version on Azure Pipelines
Higher reliability APIs with design by contract
Golang: creating distributed systems using memberlist
Matteo Biagetti
Interesting twitter accounts to follow about Go programming language #golang https://t.co/gz6Y8uHUVn
9:03 AM - 14 Apr 2019
How we leverage gRPC in a microservices architecture
Checking memory leaks with pprof on a large codebase
Your gain by implementing gRPC-Web for Istio and Envoy
Next level Go testing
Sharding 101: the ways of Weaver
Holger Freyther
I have figured out enough of the gRPC C API to make my first RPC call from Smalltalk. Lazy completion queue integration next, then the protobuf stack and after that moving to the server side...

8:11 AM - 17 Apr 2019
Slow down your code with goroutines
Build a realtime mobile chat app using 3factor architecture
The OpenCensus service
Use Athens with GoCenter repository upstream
Aaron Hnatiw
I've just discovered @mholt6's json-to-go tool, and it's already saved me hours of work trying to manually define structs for the JSON I work with. Brilliant! #Golang

7:40 PM - 16 Apr 2019
Open sourcing Jingo, a faster JSON encoder for Go
Instrument your Go app with Elastic APM Go agent
Why you should use Golang in interviews
Contributor agreements considered harmful
Go News
Structured logging improves productivity https://t.co/H48Iv6fswO #reddit
12:58 PM - 16 Apr 2019
From Apache Thrift to gRPC: perspective from Alluxio
-50% E2E ingestion latency by forking the Go compiler
dotGo 2019 - Johan Brandhorst - Get Going With WebAssembly
dotGo 2019 - Michael McLoughlin - Better x86 Assembly Generation with Go
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