2019 Go dev survey, beating C with 70 Go lines, GopherCon Vietnam playlist & more

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Go’s features of last resort
Announcing the 2019 Go dev survey
Russ Cox
Just learned about the Ten Years Reproducibility Challenge from @rob_pike's article "Computational reproducibility: Some challenges". Might have to dig up some old papers and see how badly it goes.

5:30 PM - 19 Nov 2019
Reactive planning and reconciliation in Go
Real-world reports
Go on not so small hardware
Beating C with 70 Lines of Go
Rebel Go: forking encoding/json
New blog post: "How to secure a Go application with seccomp"


#golang #go #security #seccomp #programming #blog
7:04 PM - 20 Nov 2019
How I embedded resources in Go
Working with package time in Golang
Good Go: contributing to encoding/json
Melvin Vivas👨🏻‍💻🇸🇬
Just sharing my new blog post "Deploying a Go Function in AWS Lambda using AWS SAM". Hope it's useful. 🙂
https://t.co/tXukmnDsdQ #golang #awslambda #lambda #serverless
1:04 PM - 21 Nov 2019
How we compiled a Go database in the browser
Simple Go database seeding abstraction for Gorm
Docker Compose: retry database connect w/ Docker & Go
How to rate limit HTTP requests
Porting Go to microcontrollers - Part 1
Andrea Zucchini
Building enterprise-grade microservice using Go (GoLang). by Rajat Nigam #golang https://t.co/SZeFhXBsD4
1:43 PM - 20 Nov 2019
Serverless setup and workflow for OpenFaaS and Go
Rotating AWS RDS Secrets with AWS Secrets Manager
Go tools
Jaeles Scanner
Gitea 1.10.0 is released
Releasing BadgerDB v2.0
Oh my, it's gomplate 3.6.0! First release in almost 6 months, and there are lots of big new fixes! 🎉🚀 Details at https://t.co/HcmysgcsVa Get the #docker images at https://t.co/JwKTU39Vn8 #golang #devops
4:08 AM - 16 Nov 2019
Introducing: my GraphQL Go server
Connect your microservices using Dapr and NATS
Slack's new WYSIWYG input box is really terrible
Talking about Micro and the future of microservices
Tanels GoBot
userspace-vga2usb - A userspace driver implementation of the Epiphan VGA2USB LR https://t.co/64jGYBNoym
9:10 PM - 19 Nov 2019
Proposal: add Go CLI version to the User-Agent string
What tracking down missing TCP keepalives taught me about Docker, Golang, and GitLab
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