As in Guillotine (OLD)

By Guy LeCharles Gonzalez

As in Guillotine - 3/3/22


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As in Guillotine - 3/3/22
By Guy LeCharles Gonzalez • Issue #27 • View online
Five things of interest, every other Thursday. That’s it! That’s the description.
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I had to take a break from social media and current events for several days because the world is such a shitshow right now and I’m tired. I wrote this post on my blog last night instead, an update of life after my stroke last summer, but there are technically five things of interest mentioned throughout.
tldr: I’m doing pretty good physically now, but the mental side effects of having an unexplained stroke in the middle of a pandemic really suck. Running helps.
“Go with what is. Use what happens.”
Hope to see you here again in two weeks.
Guy LeCharles Gonzalez
Guy is an old/new media pragmatist; sometimes loud, formerly poet, always opinionated. Find him on Twitter @glecharles, and at
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Guy LeCharles Gonzalez

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