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An Indian Series, a Biographical Movie, an Advertising Documentary, 2 YT Channels, and more #11

  • The Greatest Showman, the story of the world’s first circus, and is a musical film that tells the story of P.T. Barnum. I’ve watched it at least 10 times. :) Their music is amazing. Too much motivating.
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad, do you have to earn a high income to be rich? This is a book that disproves belief.
  • Recode Decode, tech execs, politicians, celebrities, and more about their big ideas and how they’re changing our world. Past guests on the podcast have included Elon Musk, Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, Jason Fried, Adam Grant, and many more.
YouTube Channel
  • Roberto Blake, someone who shoots videos in the field of influencer entrepreneurship. It has 555K subscribers. It has Creator Economy-focused videos. And it teaches you how to do that, too. I am also familiar with the creator economy. That’s why I’m a subscriber. :)
  • Miles Beckler, he usually shoots affiliate-oriented videos. It shows earning serious income with Affiliate. He did so too. It started with a simple WordPress blog in 2009 when I read its story. It has transformed the site into a site that is clicked 8,000,000 times a year. I didn’t really trust Affiliate, but last week I made $1.89. :)) It works.
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Last week I earned $1.89 from Amazon links. Amazon closed my account without even withdrawing the money. I wrote a complaint but got no response. I’m going to open a new account this week and sign up again.
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