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6 New Content! - Girişimzel Weekly Newsletter #4

  • Aviator (It is a film about a man trying to do great things in the field of cinema and aviation.)
  • Suits (Mike Ross, who is very intelligent without a law degree and has an extraordinary photographic memory, crosses paths with Harvey Specter, a Harvard graduate.)
  • Undercover Billionaire (It is a documentary that claims that famous billionaires hide their identities and try to make $1 million out of $100 in 90 days and pay $1M out of their own pocket if they can’t earn $1M.)
  • Naval Podcast (Naval is a co-founder of Angellist, which has invested in more than 100 startups, including Twitter and Uber. He produces content on the topics of entrepreneurship, technology, and life on the podcast.)
YouTube Channel
  • Slidebean (It is a channel that produces videos on business establishment, fundraising, and entrepreneurship. In addition, videos are produced covering stories of successful startups, stock options, fundraising, seed investment, and managing a team.)
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From now on, I will share the names of the people who support Girişimzel on Patreon in the newsletter and on the homepage of the website.
The Story of Girişimzel Continues
I added the “rock paper scissors” game to the 404 error page. People loved it.
I want Girişimzel to be a bedside guide for entrepreneurs. I want people to have access to quality information. I can’t do this alone. I need your support. The first goal of Girişimzel is to reach 1000 active members. And now only 19 subscribers.
Be a part of this goal. Invite your friends.

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Uğur KILCI @ugur2nd

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