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Every Thursday must-reads, talks and tools on growth marketing and product management.

Every Thursday must-reads, talks and tools on growth marketing and product management.

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GrowthPulse becomes bi-weekly ✌️, every two weeks a newsletter 📖

Good afternoon,As you might know I've changed jobs at the beginning of this year, basically two weeks before Covid-19 🦠 was all over the news. I've made the switch to product as a Growth PO, a decision I'm still very happy with. It brought me access to more b…


Indirect monetization strategies 💰 & different type of marketplaces 🤝

Good morning,Hotjar now integrates with Slack, Casey Winters on the different type of marketplaces, Elena Verna on monetization strategies, how to analyse a SaaS business when you're thinking of investing, book recommendations for Product Managers. This is yo…


A new network effect you can leverage 🧲 & how bug free is your product right now? 🐞

Good morning,The newsletter with the most hyperlinks in the opening copy ever, a tool for onboarding users in a tour through your product, Craig Sullivan (OptimiseorDie) on the actual state and thus quality of your product, NfX on the 15th network effect, the…


Deep vs shallow job platforms 👩‍💻 & how to get users and grow 💗

Good afternoon,Convert audio to text, a list of email marketing tools, a16z on how job platforms are changing, a 2 year old talk on user acquisition (and still relevant), a vacancy in my team at HousingAnywhere and more! This is your weekly GrowthPulse.Deep v…


Validating business ideas using Reddit 💡 & virality effects 🦠 ≠ network effects ♻️

Good morning,NfX - star of last weeks newsletter - on how virality effects are not network effects and why, a guide on validating business ideas using Reddit, a extensive framework and mega article on determining your acquisition channels, two (one free, one …


A new mindset for product/market fit 🧩 & why most analytics fail 🥁

Good morning,A new perspective on product/market fit by NfX, what do you do in the first 90 days as Head of Growth in a new company, Reforge on why most analytics efforts fail. This is your weekly GrowthPulse.Product/promise fitWhat do you do if you come up w…


A product-led go-to-market strategy ⛳️ & how to become a good Growth PM 🧠

Good afternoon,Tables by Google, James Currier on good vs great companies in growth, part II in the word of mouth coefficient series by Reforge, the effect of Covid-19 on fintech trends buy Andreessen Horowitz, ABN AMRO & Techstars join forces to welcome …


The best retention for an IPO ever ❄️ & how Inner Circle improves engagement 💘

Good morning,How Snowflake has the best retention ever for an IPO, how Dutch dating app Inner Circle improves engagement, Reforge on why TikTok is booming - but similar apps are not, Airtable is rolling out their new marketplace and two PM jobs in Amsterdam! …


GPT-3 powered business ideas 🤖 & is this why you don't do usability testing? 🧫

Good Saturday morning,Conversion Crimes - A good alternative for WhatUsersDo, GPT-3 🤖 generated business ideas by Pieter Levels, Reforge on how retention is getting harder, Marty Cagan on evaluating your judgement in product discovery, 12 growth lessons from …


How to plan an MVP 🗓 & a bday present from GrowthMentor 🎁

Good morning,Discover new markets and ideas with, Homerun on how Quorum wrote an inclusive job description, Reforge on the road to $100M, YC CEO Michael Seibel on how to plan an MVP and two jobs! This is your weekly GrowthPulse.GrowthMentor turned 2…


Stanford now teaches Growth Marketing 🎓& Sketch vs Figma 🎨

Good morning,Our HousingAnywhere Senior UX designer Shabbir on Sketch vs Figma, Stanford now teaches Growth Marketing, B2B growth loops by CPO of Eventbrite Casey Winters and so many vacancies. This is your weekly GrowthPulse.Stanford on growthThere are not m…


The Miro growth loop ♻️ & Hotjar meets Google Optimize 📹

Good morning,A LinkedIn thread about growth loops at Miro, Hotjar teams up with Google Optimize to recording your user's behavior in experiments, convert your articles to podcasts with Podcastle, the Godfather of network effects James Currier on the next wave…


Attract qualified and diverse talent 🧲 & YC Startup Library 📚

Gooood morning!I found out that YC has a resource library, Homerun on how to attract qualified and diverse talent, my buddy Nacho talks to Moz+Sparktoro founder Rand Fishkin, follow a Makerpad (no-code) workshop, the GrowthHackers Conference and a job at Dutc…


Business Case Calculator 🎛 & how do you get better at your profession? 🎓

Good afternoon,TechCrunch on the growth of low + no-code startups, Design in Figma and push your no-code project to production via Bubble, books-books-books in the PM library, Business case calculator & The ProductCon livestream by Product School. This is…


Unbundling Reddit 🔨 & growth + sales as the enterprise GTM strategy 🤝

Bon après-midi from France 🇫🇷🥐,Unbundling Reddit, the era of enterprise go-to-market, 9 ways to experiment with your pricing strategy, simplifying value propositions & three awesome jobs are awaiting you. This is your weekly GrowthPulse! Unbundling Reddi…


Marketing examples 🌍 & how to validate your idea 💡

Good morning,Silicon Valley juggernaut Steve Blank on Motion vs Action, Marketing Examples - Dribble for marketers, Improve your candidate experience for free with Starred, how VEED validated their company in 12 months, Spotify Podcasts now also support video…


Get instant keyword trends in search 📈 & the real startup book 📖

Good afternoon,Get instant 12-month keyword trends in Google Search, the power of a good monetization strategy, data privacy is coming to iOS apps, the real startup book & HousingAnywhere is looking for a UX Copywriter! This is your weekly GrowthPulse.Wha…


The rise of superpower tech 🦸‍♀️ & how to get users and grow 🌱

Good afternoon,Tools that give us superpowers, Basecamp offers a free Personal plan, Reforge on how experiments are a tool of humility - not decision-making & How to get users and grow by Facebook VP of Growth Alex Schultz. This is your weekly GrowthPulse…


Generate product headlines 🎨 & retention benchmarks and all things Balfour 📌

Good afternoon,A tool to help you generate headlines, Brian Balfour on retention benchmarks and how growth benchmarks are useless, on engaging your users, A16Z on gross margins & an interview with the founder of Zapier. This is your weekly …


Beyond Product-Market Fit 🔨 & YCs Startup School becomes a continuous program 👋

Good Saturday morning,Product-Market Fit expansion and three other types of product work, Startup School to become a continuous program, heroes of CRM conference & HEY found its opponent. This is your weekly GrowthPulse.Yesterday I read one of the best ar…