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TNW couch conference 🛋 & Y Combinator founder on hard startups 🧠

Good afternoon, TNW launches a couch conference with Basecamps Jason Fried, Sean Ellis on how Ferdi (
TNW couch conference 🛋 & Y Combinator founder on hard startups 🧠
By Gino from GrowthPulse • Issue #166 • View online
Good afternoon,
TNW launches a couch conference with Basecamps Jason Fried, Sean Ellis on how Ferdi (co-host at Unhackable FM) is growing 3D Hubs, Sam Altman (founder of Y Combinator) on the difference between hard/easy startups and more. This is your weekly GrowthPulse.
Hard startups
Easy vs hard startups. I found the article by Sam Altmann below super interesting, mainly because his argument makes sense. Companies that have the ambition to really change the world could have less trouble attracting talent vs companies that have less ambitious goals and are looking for talent.
However, it’s not always as apparent. I believe that there are several stages between easy and hard and that companies can move between these stages from year to year.
Several companies and even Instagram, that Sam mentions in the article, didn’t start with the big idea and ambition that they have today. They had a different entry into the market and it eventually led them into photo sharing.
Having a way lower barrier to enter the market than 5-10 years ago, might lead to a big increase in easy startups that will always remain easy startups. However, not all hard startups started as hard startups. They might’ve started as an easy startup, with a true north and a mission. Only to find out midway that reality is different and that they also found a new north, one that’s hard and ambitious. One that teaches them the power of ambition on the motivation of their team. One that opens their eyes and makes them realise that everything they’ve been doing for the past years was slightly off.
Easy startups are easy to start but hard to make successful. The most precious commodity in the startup ecosystem right now is talented people, and for the most part talented people want to work on something they find meaningful.
You could argue that easy startups allow for a different audience to enter the market as entrepreneurs. An audience that might need a little bit more time to develop themselves into proper entrepreneurs, but with the low barriers to entry could actually make a difference in this world.
  • Head of Product @ Otrium (Amsterdam)

See you next week!
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Head of Product @ Otrium (Amsterdam)
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