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Time to match or power user curves ⏱ & feature flags 🚩

Good morning, Non-polished webcam pictures of the world's biggest CEOs, gradually rolling out new fea
Time to match or power user curves ⏱ & feature flags 🚩
By Gino from GrowthPulse • Issue #156 • View online
Good morning,
Non-polished webcam pictures of the world’s biggest CEOs, gradually rolling out new features, metrics to take into account when your company is a marketplace. Here’s your weekly GrowthPulse.
Feature flags
In growth it’s a common understanding that you experiment your way into improvements. We have our A/B testing tools that allow us to a 50/50 split of traffic after where we inject a piece of code that resembles treatment that will reject our null hypothesis.
In product however, for a long time the process looked more like:
design>build>launch>pray 🤞
At HousingAnywhere we are using that recently launched feature flags. Feature flags is a form of feature management that allows you to gradually show your feature to more users and only show it to users with for example specific characteristics.
You for example start with only your employees, if all goes well you gradually rollout to 1% of your target audience. This way you mitigate risk and get real users feedback. Based on feedback you decide to let more people in or you iterate and run it again.
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Andreessen Horowitz on what metrics are smart metrics to look into if you’re a marketplace. If you’re not a marketplace, it wouldn’t hurt looking them up. Because this is what your potential partners of competitors are doing right now.
A light article by the NY Times on how CEOs of the biggest companies are working from home right now. I had to laugh because of all these non-polished webcam images.
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