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The best retention for an IPO ever ❄️ & how Inner Circle improves engagement 💘

The best retention for an IPO ever ❄️ & how Inner Circle improves engagement 💘
By Gino from GrowthPulse • Issue #181 • View online
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How Snowflake has the best retention ever for an IPO, how Dutch dating app Inner Circle improves engagement, Reforge on why TikTok is booming - but similar apps are not, Airtable is rolling out their new marketplace and two PM jobs in Amsterdam! This is your weekly GrowthPulse.
From engagement 📈 to engagement 💍
Ok, so chatting via these various dating apps can be a bit challenging. Like, what do you say when you found yourself a match? Dutch dating app Inner Circle found that messages that don’t show much creativity, such as ‘Hey’, ‘Hi’ and ‘Hello’ only get a 21% response rate in the UK and 12% in NL.
To tackle this they came up with a ban on the word ‘Hey’ and similar words. For every opening that starts with ‘Hey’, they inform the user that it’s not a creative opening and help them a little bit. Resulting in various pick up lines, generated by the system.
Also in this digest
Snowflake, the biggest software IPO ever, showed also the highest retention ever for a company going public with a 158% net retention rate. Meaning that existing customers keep increasing their spend YoY. Snowflake is a cloud-based platform that organises data, also known as data warehouses. It’s mainly an enterprise product, with is not a subscription business, instead they charge you based on usage. Check out both articles on their IPO and how their business model is different from similar players.
  • Product Manager @ Messagebird (Amsterdam)
  • Product Manager @ ParkBee (Amsterdam/London)
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Jobs alert 🚨
Product Manager @ Messagebird (Amsterdam)
Product Manager @ ParkBee (Amsterdam/London)
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