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Newsletter #150 🔭 & all you need is 100 true fans 💸

Good afternoon, You are now reading newsletter #150. I’d never thought I’d be hitting #150 when I sta
Newsletter #150 🔭 & all you need is 100 true fans 💸
By Gino from GrowthPulse • Issue #150 • View online
Good afternoon,
You are now reading newsletter #150. I’d never thought I’d be hitting #150 when I started this 150 weeks 🔭ago. So far it brought me tons of new diverse content, email conversations, jobs and new friends. I’m curious what it brought you ever since you hopped onboard. Let me know by replying to number 150.
So: this edition holds an article published by Andreessen Horowitz. It might not be applicable to everyone, but the concept makes sense. The article is based on another article by an editor from Wired that’s been written more than ten years ago, that one is also linked below.
The concept, by Wired’s editor, used to be that with a 1000 true fans that all pay you $100 a year, you can sustain yourself as a creative professional. Ten years go, that could’ve been something that’s hard to imagine, but today with a platform such as Patreon it’s easier than ever.
So why the shift from 1000 true fans to a 100? Andreessen Horowitz is also the VC firm that came up with something they call the Passion Economy. A newly formed niche, together with a bunch of tools in every field of work to help us capitalize on the things we love. The article below outlines how there has been an increase in pledges on Patreon over the past 2 years or an increase in creators earning more than $1.000 per month via online course platform Podia.
Why is this interesting for you? After you read the articles you should ask yourself if there are segments within your audience, maybe the top 5%, that could benefit from an exclusive offer from your company.
Think for example about TechCrunch and their ExtraCrunch subscription model where they wrote 1000 articles in a year on startups (ExtraCrunch turned 1 last Thursday). Or how Ben Thompson asks $10 per month for his Stratechery to get tech industry news straight in your inbox.
Well, I think you get the point by now. If not, I’m here and love to discuss 👻.
Also in this digest: job alert 🚨at banking platform Backbase and flipping 🍳 startups like some people are flipping houses.

Enjoy your weekend and see you next week for #151 🎊!
Gino 🤙🏽

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