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Marketing examples 🌍 & how to validate your idea 💡

Marketing examples 🌍 & how to validate your idea 💡
By Gino from GrowthPulse • Issue #173 • View online
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Silicon Valley juggernaut Steve Blank on Motion vs Action, Marketing Examples - Dribble for marketers, Improve your candidate experience for free with Starred, how VEED validated their company in 12 months, Spotify Podcasts now also support video & job alert in Utrecht!
Motion vs Action + validating your idea
Earlier this week I found the article on how VEED went from $0 to $1M in ARR and the steps they took to get there. How they got to their first $100k ARR in 171 days and grew into the next $100k over the following 48 days. They showcased what went into building their company and making specific decisions along the way that shaped their product and company.
Now I was actually planning on writing a little story about them, when I stumbled upon an article by Steve Blank, the grandfather of the Lean Startup.
Grandfather 👴🏻 because he’s 67 and he taught Eric Ries what lean is all about - leading to Eric writing The Lean Startup in 2011. More about that here and here.
Steve showcases in two examples how motion is different from action. How doing your work - day in, day out - not necessarily leads you to changing or improving anything. That merely saying that things are in progress and that you spoke to x about y, not helps you validate them. And that the difference between those who acknowledge the difference between these two perspectives, are the ones who we consider entrepreneurs.
I think the difference between motion vs action is the same difference between startups that make it vs startups that don’t. Merely not getting the answer you were hoping for is no reason for you not to make it. If what you’re building is not something people want, you can evolve your product until you do find your problem/solution fit. But you have to know the innate difference between motion and action to make that call.
  • Head of Marketing @ Trengo (Utrecht)
See you next week!
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Head of Marketing @ Trengo (Utrecht)
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