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How to measure CX? 🎚 & Ex-Head of Growth @ Pinterest on long-term growth 📌

Hey, I'd like to ask your help with something. At Helloprint we're focusing on making it easy to orde
How to measure CX? 🎚 & Ex-Head of Growth @ Pinterest on long-term growth 📌
By Gino Arendsz • Issue #118 • View online
I’d like to ask your help with something. At Helloprint we’re focusing on making it easy to order print online. Therefore we’re overhauling the way we report on certain metrics.
In light of this change we’re breaking our heads over the following question:
How would you measure the customer experience (CX) beyond NPS?
NPS is a lagging metric, it will help you to get an understanding of how you are doing in terms of happy vs not happy customers. But it does not motivate you to take action.
This is what Alistair Croll (author of Lean Analytics) says about leading vs. leading metrics:
Leading metrics give you a predictive understanding of the future; lagging metrics explain the past. Leading metrics are better because you still have time to act on them—the horse hasn’t left the barn yet.
I’m very curious what you come up with based on your outside view of our company. We can email/call/drink coffee about it, I’m just very keen on learning how you’d do it.
Yes, this is one of the later newsletters that I’ve send. At least it’s still Thursday haha. Thanks for sticking around, I can’t explain how valuable it is to me.
Let me know if you have an idea/opinion on my question, I’d love to discuss it further.

See you next week!
Gino 🤙🏽

PS. Last week, when I spoke about supply and demand at two-sided marketplaces I said: Companies such as Lyft, eBay and AirBnb need laser focus on growing their demand side in order to stay relevant.
Of course I meant to say supply side, but you already figured that out didn’t ya ;-)

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