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GPT-3 powered business ideas 🤖 & is this why you don't do usability testing? 🧫

GPT-3 powered business ideas 🤖 & is this why you don't do usability testing? 🧫
By Gino from GrowthPulse • Issue #180 • View online
Good Saturday morning,
Conversion Crimes - A good alternative for WhatUsersDo, GPT-3 🤖 generated business ideas by Pieter Levels, Reforge on how retention is getting harder, Marty Cagan on evaluating your judgement in product discovery, 12 growth lessons from a game by Andreessen Horowitz. This is your weekly GrowthPulse or should I call this one your weekend GrowthPulse. 😉
Usability testing
I’m going to make a bold statement here by saying that everyone in our field knows what usability testing is and what the benefits of it are, but that no one is actually practicing usability testing. Let alone on a monthly/quarterly basis. I’m admitting that I’m guilty of it too. But why is this?
Is it too expensive, too scary or not perceived as beneficial? Even tools such as UsabilityHub have a quite low entry barrier, but are being used every now and then? Or do we put more trust in quantitative A/B tests instead of qualitative interviews?
Whatever the answer to that is, sometimes I come across an alternative to a tool that used to be awesome. WhatUsersDo (acquired and shut down) was a similar kind of tool as the Conversion Crimes example below. Allowing you to generate a set of questions to their panel of testers against a reasonable price. As a result you would get a screen recording of someone checking out your website, following the prompts that you added and all while they’d speak out loud.
These recordings generated many frustrating moments when that - super clear CTA - was never clicked. Or when they blatantly scrolled past your value proposition, only to wonder 2 minutes later what the company was all about..
That is what you get from usability testing, whether it’s in person and self-hosted or facilitated by tools. A (sometimes cringy) performance of a user using your product.
Also in this digest
GPT-3, the AI that wrote a column in the Guardian, is making its way into our lives. Serial maker Pieter Levels made a simple email list that shares GPT-3 generated business ideas - and they’re good. Also, I almost never share anything that has to do with gaming, partially because I’m not really into gaming. Somehow this week I came across an article+video by Andreessen Horowitz on how this game called Spellbreak grew their pre-alpha and eventually gained traction to launch their PC alpha in 2019.
  • User Growth Lead @ Poki (Amsterdam)
Have a good weekend and see you next week!
Gino 🤙🏽

Conversion Crimes - Usability testing made easy, affordable and fun
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Judgement in Product Discovery by Marty Cagan (Author of 'Inspired')
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User Growth Lead @ Poki (Amsterdam)
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