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Create defensibility 🥊 & I recorded a podcast 🎙

Good morning! Why you should work towards defensibility, a podcast on product & growth, an MVP ex
Create defensibility 🥊 & I recorded a podcast 🎙
By Gino from GrowthPulse • Issue #158 • View online
Good morning!
Why you should work towards defensibility, a podcast on product & growth, an MVP experiment canvas & two head of.. positions. Here’s your weekly GrowthPulse.
A very short but also very powerful article from 2015 on why you should create defensibility followed up by an article by Reforge on the same matter. If you want your company to last then there’s value in the concept of defensibility.
In layman’s terms it’s the art of generating a lot of compounding value over time. The earlier you are able to generate this the bigger the effects down the line.
So how do you do this.. reading the first three articles 🧐 could be a start. But then you should take a good look into your funnels. Why?
View your funnels as loops. Every loop fuels another cycle of that same loop, but might also start a new one. How can you generate output at the last step of your loop to restart the current one and fuel the current one?
What is the value to be received, generated and distributed? Being able to figure this out through experiment and validation is the key to unlocking compounding company growth.
I recorded a podcast
Several weeks ago I went for a dinner with a few of my friends discussing things we value. It was at that moment that we were like, why don’t we record some of these conversation. It might be valuable and it’s certainly fun for us.
This is the pilot episode of The Growth Gab. With a mere 1h23m, perfect for your Easter weekend 🥚🐰😉. We would really value your feedback. What did you think about it? Did you had any takeaways and if so what exactly?
We are cooking up some themes for the upcoming recordings relevant to our challenges and situations around us.
  • Head of Marketing @ Fourthline (Amsterdam)
  • [Dutch] Head of Growth @ NADUVI (Amsterdam)

Stay safe, enjoy your Good Friday & Easter Weekend. See you next week!
Gino 🤙🏽

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Head of Marketing @ Fourthline (Amsterdam)
[Dutch] Head of Growth @ NADUVI (Amsterdam)
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