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Companies that unbundled Airbnb 🏘 & the state of product analytics report 📊



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Companies that unbundled Airbnb 🏘 & the state of product analytics report 📊
By Gino from GrowthPulse • Issue #164 • View online
Hackernoon on unbundling Airbnb, diversify your product range and audience, an interview with Airbnb founder Brian Chesky, a podcast by TechCrunch and two jobs. Here’s your weekly GrowthPulse.
The next great unbundling
34 weeks ago, in newsletter #130 to be precise, I shared an article by Silicon Valley VC firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z). The article, which I added again below, lays out this phenomenon they call unbundling.
Unbundling is the craft of creating a separate category out of offering products or services separately that had previously been packaged together.
In the article they start with how Craigslist (founded in ‘95) has been unbundled by many (in)famous companies. How each of them created a standalone category out of one of the many Craigslist groups.
Fast forward to today, where these firestarters with categories of their own like Airbnb/Upwork/Tinder are currently being unbundled by new players. New players that honed in on specific use cases that serve niches with millions and millions of people.
If we stick to Airbnb, we’re for example talking about:
  • Luxuryretreats - focused on the ultra-luxury sector
  • Hipcamp - focused on the camping sector
  • HousingAnywhere - focused on mid- to long-term
So what’s going to be the next great company that’s based on a product or service that previously was packaged together? Are you the one starting or working at any of these players? Can you dissect the biggest companies and find + scale your niche?
If you’re interested it makes most sense to first read the article on a16z before reading the Hackernoon article. So why is the Hackernoon article on top? Simply because I’m super proud that Hackernoon (4M+ monthly readers) wrote an article that mentioned HousingAnywhere 🔥.
  • Data Engineering Internship @ HousingAnywhere (Rotterdam)
  • Online Conversion Specialist @ Bijenkorf (Amsterdam)
See you next week!
Gino 🤙🏽

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Job alert 🚨
Data Engineering Internship @ HousingAnywhere (Rotterdam)
Online Conversion Specialist @ Bijenkorf (Amsterdam)
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