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Business Case Calculator 🎛 & how do you get better at your profession? 🎓

Business Case Calculator 🎛 & how do you get better at your profession? 🎓
By Gino from GrowthPulse • Issue #175 • View online
Good afternoon,
TechCrunch on the growth of low + no-code startups, Design in Figma and push your no-code project to production via Bubble, books-books-books in the PM library, Business case calculator & The ProductCon livestream by Product School. This is your weekly GrowthPulse.
How do you get better at what you do?
So what it is that you do? You might be a growth manager, PO, freelancer, entrepreneur, business developer, CRM specialist or all of the above. Several of the jobs we hold today - especially in our niche - didn’t exist in that capacity five to ten years ago. If many of the books in your field aren’t written yet, how do you keep up to speed with the developments in your profession?
I have to speak for myself here, but I prefer to go in head first and experience everything first hand. I combine that with writing this weekly newsletter, which also forces me to read a bit more. Plus I try to always have a book with me. From inequality in tech to a book about Uber and one on product management.
And then to top this off I try to stay fit and sleep A LOT. Because there’s no growth if you do not also rest and have a good night’s sleep. If you’re interested to learn more about the impact of sleep on your recovery and therefore your performance I can recommend the Peak Performance book.
Curious to learn what it is that you do to grow and rest!
Also in this digest
The link that started the theme of personal growth in this newsletter, the PM library. A website full of relevant books if you’re in tech, marketing and product. If you have an hour left this weekend, you can skip through the ProductCon livestream and also download the slides of the talks.
  • Full Stack Developer @ Revue (Utrecht)
Enjoy the weekend (and the sun)! See you next week,
Gino 🤙🏽

Business Case Calculator
Tracking the growth of low-code, no-code startups
Bubble + Figma Integration: Design and Deploy Your Web App Without Code
The PM Library
Product School's ProductCon livestream
Job alert 🚨
Full Stack Developer @ Revue (Utrecht)
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